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Vaccinia virus and Cowpox virus are not susceptible to the interferon-induced antiviral protein MxA

MxA protein is expressed in response to type I and type III Interferon and constitute an important antiviral factor with broad antiviral activity to diverse RNA viruses. In addition, some studies expand the range of MxA antiviral activity to include particular DNA viruses like Monkeypox virus (MPXV) and African Swine Fever virus (ASFV). However, a broad profile of activity of MxA...

A Vaccinia Virus Recombinant Transcribing an Alphavirus Replicon and Expressing Alphavirus Structural Proteins Leads to Packaging of Alphavirus Infectious Single Cycle Particles

Infectious Single Cycle Particles Juana M. Sa nchez-Puig 0 Mara M. Lorenzo 0 Rafael Blasco 0 Volker Thiel, Kantonal Hospital St. Gallen, Switzerland 0 Departamento de Biotecnolog a, Instituto Nacional de

Susceptibility of different leukocyte cell types to Vaccinia virus infection

Juana M Snchez-Puig Laura Snchez Garbie Roy Rafael Blasco Background: Vaccinia virus, the prototype member of the family Poxviridae, was used extensively in the past as the Smallpox vaccine, and