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Probing gluon saturation with next-to-leading order photon production at central rapidities in proton-nucleus collisions

We compute the cross section for photons emitted from sea quarks in proton-nucleus collisions at collider energies. The computation is performed within the dilute-dense kinematics of the Color Glass Condensate (CGC) effective field theory. Albeit the result obtained is formally at next-to-leading order in the CGC power counting, it provides the dominant contribution for central...

Photons from the Color Glass Condensate in p+A collisions

We report on a first NLO computation of photon production in p+A collisions at collider energies within the Color Glass Condensate framework, significantly extending previous LO results. At central rapidites, our result is the dominant contribution and probes multi-gluon correlators in nuclei. At high photon momenta, the result is directly sensitive to the nuclear gluon...

Quarkonium production in high energy proton-nucleus collisions: CGC meets NRQCD

We study the production of heavy quarkonium states in high energy proton-nucleus collisions. Following earlier work of Blaizot, Fujii, Gelis, and Venugopalan, we systematically include both small x evolution and multiple scattering effects on heavy quark pair production within the Color Glass Condensate (CGC) framework. We obtain for the first time expressions in the Non...