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Asymptotic symmetries, holography and topological hair

Asymptotic symmetries of AdS4 quantum gravity and gauge theory are derived by coupling the holographically dual CFT3 to Chern-Simons gauge theory and 3D gravity in a “probe” (large-level) limit. Despite the fact that the three-dimensional AdS4 boundary as a whole is consistent with only finite-dimensional asymptotic symmetries, given by AdS isometries, infinite-dimensional...

A generic anti-QCD jet tagger

New particles beyond the Standard Model might be produced with a very high boost, for instance if they result from the decay of a heavier particle. If the former decay hadronically, then their signature is a single massive fat jet which is difficult to separate from QCD backgrounds. Jet substructure and machine learning techniques allow for the discrimination of many specific...

LHC signals from cascade decays of warped vector resonances

Recently (arXiv:1608.00526), a new framework for warped higher-dimensional compactifications with “bulk” standard model (SM) was proposed: in addition to the UV (Planck scale) and IR (a couple of TeV) branes, there is an intermediate brane, taken to be around 10TeV. The SM matter and Higgs fields propagate from the UV brane down to this intermediate brane only, while gauge and...