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Planning Ahead? An Exploratory Study of South Korean Investigators’ Beliefs About Their Planning for Investigative Interviews of Suspects

Preparation and planning has been argued to be vitally important as to how effectively investigators undertake their interviews with suspects. Yet, it has also been found in previous research that investigators admit that they plan only occasionally, often attributing insufficient time as a reason for not undertaking the task. Employing a novel research paradigm that utilised...

Eyewitness recognition errors: The effects of mugshot viewing and choosing in young and old adults

Eyewitness memory is vulnerable to information encountered prior to a lineup. Young (18–30 years) and older (60–80 years) witnesses viewed a crime video. Some witnesses were then exposed to mugshots of innocent suspects that included a critical foil. After a 48-h delay, all the witnesses took part in a targetabsent lineup that included the critical foil and fivenew foils...

Extroversion, time of day, vigilance performance, and physiological arousal: Failure to replicate traditional findings

Three experiments are reported. Performance in the first may be used to predict performance in the second and third. The first examined the effect of extroversion, neuroticism, sex, and time of day on performance on a group-administered hour-long auditory vigilance task (N = 160; times of day: 0800, 1000, 1400, and 2000 h). Performance was related to none of these variables, but...