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MCP-1, KC-like and IL-8 as critical mediators of pathogenesis caused by Babesia canis

acquisition: Renata Barić Rafaj, Vladimir Mrljak. Investigation: Asier GalaÂn, Iva Mayer, KreÏso Bendelja, Velimir SuÏsić. Methodology: Iva Mayer, Velimir SuÏsić, Jose JoaquÂõn CeroÂn. Project administration ... : Renata Barić Rafaj. Supervision: Asier GalaÂn. 17 / 21 Validation: Velimir SuÏsić, Vladimir Mrljak. Writing ± original draft: Asier GalaÂn, Iva Mayer, Renata Barić Rafaj, KreÏso Bendelja, Jose JoaquÂõn