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Dislocated cone metric space over Banach algebra and α-quasi contraction mappings of Perov type

A dislocated cone metric space over Banach algebra is introduced as a generalisation of a cone metric space over Banach algebra as well as a dislocated metric space. Fixed point theorems for Perov-type α-quasi contraction mapping, Kannan-type contraction as well as Chatterjee-type contraction mappings are proved in a dislocated cone metric space over Banach algebra. Proper...

Rectangular cone b-metric spaces over Banach algebra and contraction principle

Rectangular cone b-metric spaces over a Banach algebra are introduced as a generalization of metric space and many of its generalizations. Some fixed point theorems are proved in this space and proper examples are provided to establish the validity and superiority of our results. An application to solution of linear equations is given which illustrates the proper application of...

Some generalized fixed point results in a b-metric space and application to matrix equations

We have proved a generalized Presic-Hardy-Rogers contraction principle and Ciric-Presic type contraction principle for two mappings in a b-metric space. As an application, we derive some convergence results for a class of nonlinear matrix equations. Numerical experiments are also presented to illustrate the convergence algorithms.

A generalised fixed point theorem of presic type in cone metric spaces and application to markov process

A generalised common fixed point theorem of Presic type for two mappings f: X → X and T: X k → X in a cone metric space is proved. Our result generalises many well-known results. 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification 47H10