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Omega-3 fatty acid DHA modulates p53, survivin, and microRNA-16-1 expression in KRAS-mutant colorectal cancer stem-like cells

0 Reza Safaralizadeh 1 0 Department of Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology, Institute of Biotechnology, Urmia University , Urmia , Iran 1 Department of Animal Biology, Faculty of Natural Science

Mechanisms of miRNA-Mediated Gene Regulation from Common Downregulation to mRNA-Specific Upregulation

Discovered in 1993, micoRNAs (miRNAs) are now recognized as one of the major regulatory gene families in eukaryotes. To date, 24521 microRNAs have been discovered and there are certainly more to come. It was primarily acknowledged that miRNAs result in gene expression repression at both the level of mRNA stability by conducting mRNA degradation and the level of translation (at...

Multidisciplinary Approach for the Treatment of Horizontal Root-Fractured Maxillary Anterior Teeth

satisfactory aesthetic results even after 15 months. The patient was scheduled for follow-up visits at 1-year intervals in 5 years. Conflict of Interests Berkan Celikten, Ceren Feriha Uzuntas, Reza Safaralizadeh