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Genetically defined elevated homocysteine levels do not result in widespread changes of DNA methylation in leukocytes

Aïssi, Brigitte KuÈhnel, Riccardo E. Marioni, Vinh Truong. Investigation: Pooja R. Mandaviya, Roby Joehanes, Dylan Aïssi, Brigitte KuÈhnel, Riccardo E. Marioni, Vinh Truong, Lisette Stolk, Marc Jan ... . Methodology: Pooja R. Mandaviya, Dylan Aïssi, Riccardo E. Marioni, Lisette Stolk, Jan Lindemans, Sandra G. Heil, Joyce B. J. van Meurs. Project administration: Pooja R. Mandaviya, Marian Beekman, Jan Lindemans

The total burden of rare, non-synonymous exome genetic variants is not associated with childhood or late-life cognitive ability

Riccardo E. Marioni Lars Penke Gail Davies Jennifer E. Huffman Caroline Hayward Ian J. variants is not associated with childhood or late-life cognitive Articles on similar topics can be found in the ... : Riccardo E. Marioni e-mail: Electronic supplementary material is available at or via The total burden of rare, non

Cognitive lifestyle jointly predicts longitudinal cognitive decline and mortality risk

Cognitive lifestyle measures such as education, occupation, and social engagement are commonly associated with late-life cognitive ability although their associations with cognitive decline tend to be mixed. However, longitudinal analyses of cognition rarely account for death and dropout, measurement error of the cognitive phenotype, and differing trajectories for different ...

Comparison of HapMap and 1000 Genomes Reference Panels in a Large-Scale Genome-Wide Association Study

An increasing number of genome-wide association (GWA) studies are now using the higher resolution 1000 Genomes Project reference panel (1000G) for imputation, with the expectation that 1000G imputation will lead to the discovery of additional associated loci when compared to HapMap imputation. In order to assess the improvement of 1000G over HapMap imputation in identifying ...

The reliability of assigning individuals to cognitive states using the Mini Mental-State Examination: a population-based prospective cohort study

Background Previous investigations of test re-test reliability of the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) have used correlations and statistics such as Cronbach's α to assess consistency. In practice, the MMSE is usually used to group individuals into cognitive states. The reliability of this grouping (state based approach) has not been fully explored. Methods MMSE data were ...

Common Genetic Variants Explain the Majority of the Correlation Between Height and Intelligence: The Generation Scotland Study

Greater height and higher intelligence test scores are predictors of better health outcomes. Here, we used molecular (single-nucleotide polymorphism) data to estimate the genetic correlation between height and general intelligence (g) in 6,815 unrelated subjects (median age 57, IQR 49–63) from the Generation Scotland: Scottish Family Health Study cohort. The phenotypic correlation ...

Active Cognitive Lifestyle Is Associated with Positive Cognitive Health Transitions and Compression of Morbidity from Age Sixty-Five

Background Three factors commonly used as measures of cognitive lifestyle are education, occupation, and social engagement. This study determined the relative importance of each variable to long term cognitive health in those with and without severe cognitive impairment. Methods Data came from 12,470 participants from a multi-centre population-based cohort (Medical Research Council ...

DNA methylation age of blood predicts all-cause mortality in later life

Background DNA methylation levels change with age. Recent studies have identified biomarkers of chronological age based on DNA methylation levels. It is not yet known whether DNA methylation age captures aspects of biological age. Results Here we test whether differences between people’s chronological ages and estimated ages, DNA methylation age, predict all-cause mortality in ...

Variation in the uric acid transporter gene (SLC2A9) and memory performance

Understanding human cognitive ageing is important to improve the health of an increasing elderly population. Serum uric acid levels have been linked to many ageing illnesses and are also linked to cognitive functioning, though the direction of the association is equivocal. SLC2A9, a urate transporter, influences uric acid levels. This study first tested four SLC2A9 SNPs, previously ...

Association Between Raised Inflammatory Markers and Cognitive Decline in Elderly People With Type 2 Diabetes: The Edinburgh Type 2 Diabetes Study

Riccardo E. Marioni Mark W.J. Strachan Rebecca M. Reynolds Gordon D.O. Lowe Rory J. Mitchell F. Gerry R. Fowkes Brian M. Frier Amanda J. Lee Isabella Butcher Ann Rumley Gordon D. Murray Ian J. Deary