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Enhancement of oral bioavailability of doxorubicin through surface modified biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles

BackgroundDoxorubicin hydrochloride (DOX·HCl), an anthracycline glycoside antibiotic, exhibits low oral bioavailability due to active efflux from intestinal P-glycoprotein receptors. The oral administration of DOX remains a challenge hence; no oral formulation for DOX is marketed, till date.Aim of the studyTo improve the oral bioavailability of DOX through, preparation of a...

Claudin-1 overexpression in intestinal epithelial cells enhances susceptibility to adenamatous polyposis coli-mediated colon tumorigenesis

Background The tight junction protein Claudin-1, a claudin family member, has been implicated in several gastro-intestinal pathologies including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and colorectal cancer (CRC). In this regard, we have demonstrated that claudin-1 expression in colon cancer cells potentiates their tumorigenic ability while in vivo expression of claudin-1 in the...

Sub-30 ms real-time, free-breathing cardiac imaging with SPIRiT

Rizwan Ahmad 1 0 Siemens Healthcare , Chicago, Illinois , USA 1 The Ohio State University , Columbus, Ohio , USA - From 17th Annual SCMR Scientific Sessions New Orleans, LA, USA. 16-19 January 2014

Modeling Energy Consumption of Dual-Hop Relay Based MAC Protocols in Ad Hoc Networks

Given that the next and current generation networks will coexist for a considerable period of time, it is important to improve the performance of existing networks. One such improvement recently proposed is to enhance the throughput of ad hoc networks by using dual-hop relay-based transmission schemes. Since in ad hoc networks throughput is normally related to their energy...