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A novel gel liner system with embedded electrodes for use with upper limb myoelectric prostheses

application process were supplied through a collaboration with ALPS South, LLC. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Timothy Reissman, Elizabeth Halsne, Robert Lipschutz, Todd Kuiken. Data curation ... Kuiken. Validation: Timothy Reissman. Visualization: Timothy Reissman. Writing ± original draft: Timothy Reissman, Elizabeth Halsne. Writing ± review & editing: Timothy Reissman, Robert Lipschutz

Non-weight-bearing neural control of a powered transfemoral prosthesis

Lower limb prostheses have traditionally been mechanically passive devices without electronic control systems. Microprocessor-controlled passive and powered devices have recently received much interest from the clinical and research communities. The control systems for these devices typically use finite-state controllers to interpret data measured from mechanical sensors embedded...