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The relationship between self-reported borderline personality features and prospective illness course in bipolar disorder

Robert M. Post 12 13 Lori Altshuler 11 Susan McElroy 10 15 Marc A. Frye 14 Paul E. Keck Jr. 9 10 Gabriele S. Leverich 13 Trisha Suppes 5 Heinz Grunze 6 Willem A. Nolen 3 Ralph W. Kupka 1 2 4 0 Saxion

Duty of Relatives to Support Dependents

its present enforcement by the courts is an indication that the public will continue, wherever possible, to remedy the weaknesses that still exist. ROBERT M. POST. THE BASIS OF RECOVERY FOR Loss OF

Validity of Contract Based Upon Breach of Prior Existing Contract

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Saving time and money: a validation of the self ratings on the prospective NIMH life-chart method (NIMH-LCM)

Background Careful observation of the longitudinal course of bipolar disorders is pivotal to finding optimal treatments and improving outcome. A useful tool is the daily prospective Life-Chart Method, developed by the National Institute of Mental Health. However, it remains unclear whether the patient version is as valid as the clinician version. Methods We compared the patient...