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Higher prevalence of obesity and overweight without an adverse metabolic profile in girls with central precocious puberty compared to girls with early puberty, regardless of GnRH analogue treatment

Objectives 1. To determine BMI, obesity/overweight rates, glucose and lipids at baseline, during GnRHa treatment and shortly after therapy discontinuation in female children with CPP and EP. 2. To compare this response to that seen in a similar group of untreated patients. Methods A retrospective analysis of 71 children with either CPP (n = 37) or EP (n = 34) was undertaken...

Limited Weight Loss or Simply No Weight Gain following Lifestyle-Only Intervention Tends to Redistribute Body Fat, to Decrease Lipid Concentrations, and to Improve Parameters of Insulin Sensitivity in Obese Children

Objectives. To investigate whether lifestyle-only intervention in obese children who maintain or lose a modest amount of weight redistributes parameters of body composition and reverses metabolic abnormalities. Study Design. Clinical, anthropometric, and metabolic parameters were assessed in 111 overweight or obese children (CA of 11.3 ± 2.8 years; 63 females and 48 males...

Effect of the parental origin of the X-chromosome on the clinical features, associated complications, the two-year-response to growth hormone (rhGH) and the biochemical profile in patients with turner syndrome

Background It is possible that genes on the X chromosome are expressed differently depending of its parental origin. The objective of this study was to determine the influence of the parental origin of the X-chromosome on phenotypic variability, response to rhGH and on the biochemical profile of TS patients. Methods This was a cross-sectional multicenter correlational study...

Latin American Consensus: Children Born Small for Gestational Age

11 Teresa Ortiz 10 Mauricio Llano 15 Horacio M Domené 14 Raúl Calzada-León 9 Armando Blanco 4 Margarita Barrientos 5 Patricio Procel 2 Roberto Lanes 3 Orlando Jaramillo 1 0 Department of Pediatrics