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Dendritic morphology predicts pattern recognition performance in multi-compartmental model neurons with and without active conductances

In this paper we examine how a neuron’s dendritic morphology can affect its pattern recognition performance. We use two different algorithms to systematically explore the space of dendritic morphologies: an algorithm that generates all possible dendritic trees with 22 terminal points, and one that creates representative samples of trees with 128 terminal points. Based on these...

STD-Dependent and Independent Encoding of Input Irregularity as Spike Rate in a Computational Model of a Cerebellar Nucleus Neuron

Neurons in the cerebellar nuclei (CN) receive inhibitory inputs from Purkinje cells in the cerebellar cortex and provide the major output from the cerebellum, but their computational function is not well understood. It has recently been shown that the spike activity of Purkinje cells is more regular than previously assumed and that this regularity can affect motor behaviour. We...