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‘Multinational banking’: capturing the benefits and avoiding the pitfalls

regulation. As a result, they conclude that competition should be used to enhance regulation, especially in the banking system of a profit-oriented market. Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal and Marco Bodellini in their ... , Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal and Dalvinder Singh Acknowledgements We would like to thank Theodora Papadopoulou, LLM, University of Warwick, School of Law, UK, for excellent research assistance.

Creditor Equality, Secured Transactions, and Systemic Risk: A Complex Trilemma

CREDITOR EQUALITY, SECURED TRANSACTIONS, AND SYSTEMIC RISK: A COMPLEX TRILEMMA RODRIGO OLIVARES-CAMINAL 0 1 0 Copyright © 2018 by Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal. This article is also available at 1 ... for approving § 363 sales” ). 13. Brubaker & Tabb, supra note 11, at 1389. 14. In re Lionel Corp., 722 F.2d 1063 ( 2d Cir . 1983 ). 15. RODRIGO OLIVARES-CAMINAL ET AL., DEBT RESTRUCTURING 193-95 (2d ed

The Required Threshold to Restructure Sovereign Debt

International and Comparative Law Review by an authorized administrator of Digital 1 Jose Jr. Garcia-Hamilton, Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal, and Octavio M. Zenarruza, Th e Required Th reshold to Restructure Sovereign

Some Issues on Cross-Border Stock Exchange Mergers

University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law BY IOANNIS KOKKORIS 0 RODRIGO OLIVARES-CAMINAL 0 0 . Principal Case Officer at the Office of Fair Trading (UK), Visiting Lecturer at City