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A 2D finite element procedure for magnetic field analysis taking into account a vector Preisach model

The main purpose of this paper is to incorporate a refined hysteresis model, viz. a vector Preisach model, in 2D magnetic field computations. To this end the governing Maxwell equations are rewritten in a suitable way, which allows to take into account the proper magnetic material parameters and, moreover, to pass to a variational formulation. The variational problem is solved...

Adjoint Variable Method for the Study of Combined Active and Passive Magnetic Shielding

For shielding applications that cannot sufficiently be shielded by only a passive shield, it is useful to combine a passive and an active shield. Indeed, the latter does the “finetuning“ of the field reduction that is mainly caused by the passive shield. The design requires the optimization of the geometry of the passive shield, the position of all coils of the active shield, and...