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Lumbar plexus injury in an anterior fracture dislocation of sacroiliac joint: a case report and review of literature

Displaced unstable pelvic fractures are commonly associated with disruption of the osteoarticular junction of the sacroiliac joint. Posterior sacroiliac dislocation are commonly reported but there are only few reports the anterior type of sacroiliac dislocation where the iliac bone fractures and displaces anterior to sacrum, often in combination with fractures of pubic rami and...

Proximal humeral reconstruction using nail cement spacer in primary and metastatic tumours of proximal humerus

Kamboj 0 Rohit Singla 0 Sukhbir Singh Sangwan 0 0 Z. S. Kundu P. Gogna (&) V. Gupta P. Kamboj R. Singla S. S. Sangwan Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation , PGIMS, 2/11-J Medical Enclave, Rohtak

Radiological and functional outcome in unstable, osteoporotic trochanteric fractures stabilized with dynamic helical hip system

A dynamic hip screw (DHS) remains the implant of choice for stabilization of trochanteric fractures because of its favourable results and low rate of non-union or hardware failure, but complication rates of the DHS are higher in unstable and osteoporotic trochanteric fractures. The proponents of the dynamic helical hip system (DHHS) report that it has the potential to decrease...