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A high mitochondrial transport rate characterizes CNS neurons with high axonal regeneration capacity

P30EY012196 were used for this study. 10 / 12 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Romain Cartoni, Gulcin Pekkurnaz, Thomas L. Schwarz, Zhigang He. Formal analysis: Romain Cartoni. Funding acquisition ... : Romain Cartoni, Thomas L. Schwarz, Zhigang He. Methodology: Romain Cartoni. Resources: Chen Wang. Software: Gulcin Pekkurnaz. Supervision: Thomas L. Schwarz, Zhigang He. Writing ± original draft

PLEKHG5 deficiency leads to an intermediate form of autosomal-recessive Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease

Gouttenoire 8 Romain Cartoni 8 Alexandra Title 8 Giulia Venturini 8 Jean-Jacques Me dard 8 Edward Makowski 13 Ludger Scho ls 12 Kristl G. Claeys 10 11 Claudia Stendel 10 Andreas Roos 11 Joachim Weis 11 Odile