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Hands-on: deformable pose and motion models for spatiotemporal localization of fine-grained dyadic interactions

Ronald Poppe 0 Remco C. Veltkamp 0 0 Department of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University , Princetonplein 5, 3584 CC Utrecht , Netherlands We introduce a novel spatiotemporal deformable

Automatic behavior analysis in tag games: from traditional spaces to interactive playgrounds

Tag is a popular children’s playground game. It revolves around taggers that chase and then tag runners, upon which their roles switch. There are many variations of the game that aim to keep children engaged by presenting them with challenges and different types of gameplay. We argue that the introduction of sensing and floor projection technology in the playground can aid in...

Automatic recognition of touch gestures in the corpus of social touch

For an artifact such as a robot or a virtual agent to respond appropriately to human social touch behavior, it should be able to automatically detect and recognize touch. This paper describes the data collection of CoST: Corpus of Social Touch, a data set containing 7805 captures of 14 different social touch gestures. All touch gestures were performed in three variants: gentle...

Virtual meeting rooms: from observation to simulation

Much working time is spent in meetings and, as a consequence, meetings have become the subject of multidisciplinary research. Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) are 3D virtual replicas of meeting rooms, where various modalities such as speech, gaze, distance, gestures and facial expressions can be controlled. This allows VMRs to be used to improve remote meeting participation, to...