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The importance and challenges of crop germplasm interdependence: the case of Bhutan

International , Via dei Tre Denari 472A, 00057 Maccarese , Italy 1 Renewable Natural Resources Research and Development Centre , Bajo , Bhutan 2 Mahesh Ghimiray 3 Ronnie Vernooy An analysis of food crop

Twenty-five years of international exchanges of plant genetic resources facilitated by the CGIAR genebanks: a case study on global interdependence

Isabel Lo´ pez Noriega 0 Ronnie Vernooy 0 Gea Galluzzi 0 0 Bioversity International , Via dei Tre Denari 472/a, Maccarese, Rome , Italy This article analyses 25 years of data about international

Barcoding Life to Conserve Biological Diversity: Beyond the Taxonomic Imperative

Barcoding scientists aspire to adhere to the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity by promoting conservation, sustainability, and the equitable sharing of benefits arising from use of genetic resources. (Image: Juan Manuel Escalante,