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An evaluation of transport mode shift policies on transport-related physical activity through simulations based on random forests

materials As more papers will be generated from the RECORD dataset, we are unable to publish this dataset. Authors’ contributions Ruben Brondeel conceived and designed this particular study, drafted the

What happened in the ‘Move for Well-being in School’: a process evaluation of a cluster randomized physical activity intervention using the RE-AIM framework

The aim of this study was to address the gap in the translation of research into practice through an extensive process evaluation of the Move for Well-being in School programme using the RE-AIM framework. The purpose was to gain insight into the extent by which the intervention was adopted and implemented as intended and to understand how educators observed its effectiveness and...

Unmet healthcare needs in homeless women with children in the Greater Paris area in France

Vuillermoz. Investigation: SteÂphanie Vandentorren. Methodology: CeÂcile Vuillermoz, Ruben Brondeel. Supervision: SteÂphanie Vandentorren, Pierre Chauvin. Writing ± original draft: CeÂcile Vuillermoz ... , SteÂphanie Vandentorren, Ruben Brondeel, Pierre Chauvin. Writing ± review & editing: CeÂcile Vuillermoz, SteÂphanie Vandentorren, Ruben Brondeel, Pierre Chauvin. 12 / 15 4. Guyavarch E, Le MeÂner E. A Paris

Environmental Conditions around Itineraries to Destinations as Correlates of Walking for Transportation among Adults: The RECORD Cohort Study

Introduction Assessing the contextual factors that influence walking for transportation is important to develop more walkable environments and promote physical activity. To advance previous research focused on residential environments and overall walking for transportation, the present study investigates objective environmental factors assessed around the residence, the workplace...

Alcohol and cannabis use among adolescents in Flemish secondary school in Brussels: effects of type of education

Background Research regarding socio-economic differences in alcohol and drug use in adolescence yields mixed results. This study hypothesizes that (1) when using education type as a proxy of one's social status, clear differences will exist between students from different types of education, regardless of students' familial socio-economic background; (2) and that the effects of...

Active transportation and public transportation use to achieve physical activity recommendations? A combined GPS, accelerometer, and mobility survey study

Background Accurate information is lacking on the extent of transportation as a source of physical activity, on the physical activity gains from public transportation use, and on the extent to which population shifts in the use of transportation modes could increase the percentage of people reaching official physical activity recommendations. Methods In 2012�2013, 234...