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Pattern and predictors of mortality in necrotizing fasciitis patients in a single tertiary hospital

Peralta 4 Nissar Shaikh 3 Husham Abdelrahman 4 Insolvisagan Natesa Mudali 3 Mohamed Ellabib 4 Hassan Al-Thani 4 0 Clinical Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical School , Doha , Qatar 1 Clinical Research, Trauma

Patterns and management of degloving injuries: a single national level 1 trauma center experience

Background Degloving soft tissue injuries (DSTIs) are serious surgical conditions. We aimed to evaluate the pattern, management and outcome of DSTIs in a single institute. Methods A retrospective analysis was performed for patients admitted with DSTIs from 2011to 2013. Presentation, management and outcomes were analyzed according to the type of DSTI. Results Of 178 DSTI patients...

Trauma resuscitation requiring massive transfusion: a descriptive analysis of the role of ratio and time

Objective We aimed to evaluate whether early administration of high plasma to red blood cells ratios influences outcomes in injured patients who received massive transfusion protocol (MTP). Methods A retrospective analysis was conducted at the only level 1 national trauma center in Qatar for all adult patients(≥18 years old) who received MTP (≥10 units) of packed red blood cell...

Management of tracheal trauma

William E. Hurford 0 Ruben Peralta 0 0 From the Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, Massachusetts General Hospital , Boston, Massachusetts, USA . 55 Fruit Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02114