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Study on the interaction between active components from traditional Chinese medicine and plasma proteins

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), as a unique form of natural medicine, has been used in Chinese traditional therapeutic systems over two thousand years. Active components in Chinese herbal medicine are the material basis for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Research on drug-protein binding is one of the important contents in the study of early stage clinical...

Characterization of the Intestinal Absorption of Seven Flavonoids from the Flowers of Trollius chinensis Using the Caco-2 Cell Monolayer Model

The human Caco-2 cell monolayer model was used to investigate the absorption property, mechanism, and structure-property relationship of seven representative flavonoids, namely, orientin, vitexin, 2”-O-β-L-galactopyranosylorientin, 2”-O-β-L-galactopyranosylvitexin, isoswertisin, isoswertiajaponin, and 2”-O-(2”‘-methylbutanoyl)isoswertisin from the flowers of Trollius chinensis...