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Joint User Association and Energy Offloading in Downlink Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

May 2018; Accepted 12 June 2018; Published 19 August 2018 Academic Editor: Alessandro Bazzi Copyright © 2018 Rui Li et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons

Tuning the Slide-Roll Motion Mode of Carbon Nanotubes via Hydroxyl Groups

and revised the paper. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Authors’ Information Rui Li is an associate professor in the University of Science and Technology Beijing; Shiwei Wang is a

Study of Nanoscale Friction Behaviors of Graphene on Gold Substrates Using Molecular Dynamics

In this paper, we investigate the friction behaviors of graphene flakes sliding on a gold substrate using molecular dynamics simulations. The effects of flake size, flake shape, relative rotation angle between flake and substrate, and crystal orientation of substrate on the friction process are thoroughly studied. It is found that under the same load, the average friction forces...

Effects of the Installation Angle of Raised Pavement Markers on a Horizontal Curve Section on the Line of Sight Induction Performance

Different installation angles of raised pavement markers (RPMs) correspond to different incident angles of light, which affects the retroreflective performance of the RPMs. This paper explores how adjustments to the installation angle of the RPMs on a horizontal curve section affect a driver’s line of sight induction. The conditions under which RPMs achieve the optimal effect of...

Optimized Context Weighting for the Compression of the Un-repetitive Genome Sequence Fragment

tool for FASTA and multi-FASTA data . Bioinformatics , 30 ( 1 ), 117 - 118 . Rui Li male , born in November 1981 , Master's degree, lecturer , work at Honghe University. In 2004, he has been awarded the

Appropriateness of sham or placebo acupuncture for randomized controlled trials of acupuncture for nonspecific low back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Appropriateness of sham or placebo acupuncture for randomized controlled trials of acupuncture for nonspecific low back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis Yan Xiang,1 Jinyuan He,2 Rui Li1 1Department of Teaching, School of Acupuncture and Moxibustion and Tuina, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China; 2Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, The Third...

Hands-Free Maneuvers of Robotic Vehicles via Human Intentions Understanding Using Wearable Sensing

Intelligent robotic vehicles are more and more fully automated, without steering wheels, gas/brake pedals, or gearshifts. However, allowing the human driver to step in and maneuver the robotic vehicle under specific driving requirements is a necessary issue that should be considered. To this end, we propose a wearable-sensing-based hands-free maneuver intention understanding...

Experimental analysis of multiple factors on hydraulic fracturing in coalbed methane reservoirs

Conceptualization: Fan Zhang. Data curation: Fan Zhang, Xiao Liu, Dan Feng, Rui Li. Formal analysis: Fan Zhang, Geng Ma, Dan Feng. Funding acquisition: Geng Ma, Yunqi Tao. Investigation: Fan Zhang, Geng Ma, Xiao ... . Writing ± original draft: Fan Zhang, Xiao Liu, Rui Li. Writing ± review & editing: Fan Zhang. 14 / 15 1. Islam MR , Hayashi D , Kamruzzaman ABM . Finite element modeling of stress distribution and

Explaining Ethnic Variability of Transporter Substrate Pharmacokinetics in Healthy Asian and Caucasian Subjects with Allele Frequencies of OATP1B1 and BCRP: A Mechanistic Modeling Analysis

interest Rui Li and Hugh A. Barton are full time employees of Pfizer Inc. Hugh A. Barton holds stock options or shares in the company. Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative

Optimal planning of energy storage system in active distribution system based on fuzzy multi-objective bi-level optimization

Commons license, and indicate if changes were made. CPSO c1 c2 PopSize wmax wmin k1max k2max – – – Value Rui LI received the M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Beijing Jiaotong University in 2012

Novel Cu3P/g-C3N4 p-n heterojunction photocatalysts for solar hydrogen generation

Developing efficient heterostructured photocatalysts to accelerate charge separation and transfer is crucial to improving photocatalytic hydrogen generation using solar energy. Herein, we report for the first time that p-type copper phosphide (Cu3P) coupled with n-type graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) forms a p-n junction to accelerate charge separation and transfer for enhanced...

A chinese case of prevotella intermedia and streptococcus constellatus intracranial mixed infection

Streptococcal Species is increasingly recognized as a potentially preventable emerging infection in human’s brain with high prevalence around the world. Streptococcus constellatus is one of the most common pathogens. Meanwhile, anaerobic bacteria are the rare causes for intracranial infection. To date, intracranial mixed infection caused by Prevotella intermedia and Streptococcus...

Flexible robotic grasping strategy with constrained region in environment

Regular paper Special Issue on Human-Inspired Computing Manuscript received November Flexible Robotic Grasping Strategy with Constrained Region in Environment Chao Ma 0 1 Hong Qiao 0 Rui Li 0 Xiao

Recapitulating cortical development with organoid culture in vitro and modeling abnormal spindle-like (ASPM related primary) microcephaly disease

, suggesting a new strategy to study human developmental diseases in central nerve system. neocortical development; cerebral organoid; microcephaly; ASPM - Rui Li, Le Sun and Ai Fang have contributed equally ... Helsinki Declaration of 1975, as revised in 2000 (5). Informed consent was obtained from all patients for being included in the study. Rui Li, Le Sun, Ai Fang, Peng Li, Qian Wu, and Xiaoqun Wang declare that

Sign-changing solution and ground state solution for a class of ( p , q ) -Laplacian equations with nonlocal terms on R N

In the paper, we investigate the least energy sign-changing solution and the ground state solution of a class of ( p , q ) -Laplacian equations with nonlocal terms on R N . Applying the constraint variational method, the quantitative deformation lemma, and topological degree theory, we see that the equation has one least energy sign-changing solution u. Moreover, we regard c, d...

WolfPath: Accelerating Iterative Traversing-Based Graph Processing Algorithms on GPU

There is the significant interest nowadays in developing the frameworks of parallelizing the processing for the large graphs such as social networks, Web graphs, etc. Most parallel graph processing frameworks employ iterative processing model. However, by benchmarking the state-of-art GPU-based graph processing frameworks, we observed that the performance of iterative traversing...

Failure Effects Evaluation for ATC Automation System

Rui Li; nc.ten.bmta@rlprahs Received 16 February 2017; Accepted 12 April 2017; Published 2 May 2017 Academic Editor: Fengxiang Xu Copyright © 2017 Rui Li et al. This is an open access article

Assessment of transposition of the great arteries associated with multiple malformations using dual-source computed tomography

acquisition: Zhi-gang Yang. Methodology: Lin-jun Xie, Ke Shi, Rui Li. Software: Ke Shi, Rui Li, Kai-yue Diao. Supervision: Zhi-gang Yang, Ying-kun Guo. Writing ± original draft: Lin-jun Xie, Li Jiang, Kai