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New horizons in surgical treatment of ground-glass nodules of the lung: experience and controversies

New horizons in surgical treatment of ground-glass nodules of the lung: experience and controversies Donglai Chen,1 Chenyang Dai,1 Xiermaimaiti Kadeer,1 Rui Mao,1 Yongbing Chen,2 Chang Chen1

Toughening mechanisms in cellulose nanopaper: the contribution of amorphous regions

Cellulose nanopaper is a strong and tough fibrous network composed of hydrogen bonded cellulose nanofibres. Upon loading, cellulose nanopaper exhibits a long inelastic portion of the stress–strain curve which imparts high toughness into the material. Toughening mechanisms in cellulose nanopaper have been studied in the past but mechanisms proposed were often rather speculative...

Comparative Analyses between Retained Introns and Constitutively Spliced Introns in Arabidopsis thaliana Using Random Forest and Support Vector Machine

One of the important modes of pre-mRNA post-transcriptional modification is alternative splicing. Alternative splicing allows creation of many distinct mature mRNA transcripts from a single gene by utilizing different splice sites. In plants like Arabidopsis thaliana, the most common type of alternative splicing is intron retention. Many studies in the past focus on positional...

Expression and prognostic significance of Golgiglycoprotein73 (GP73) with Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) related molecules in Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)

Yong xing Bao Qian Cao 0 Ying Yang 0 Rui Mao Lei Xiao Hua Zhang Hua-rong Zhao Hao Wen 0 Equal contributors Tumor Department, First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University (XJMU) , Urumqi

Enhanced T Cell Lymphoma in NOD.Stat5b Transgenic Mice Is Caused by Hyperactivation of Stat5b in CD8+ Thymocytes

Activation of signal transducers and activators of transcription (STAT) proteins may be critical to their oncogenic functions as demonstrated by the development of B-cell lymphoma/leukemia in transgenic (TG) mice overexpressing a constitutively activated form of Stat5b. However, low incidence of CD8+ T cell lymphoma was observed in B6 transgenic mice overexpressing a wild-type...

A fast coarse filtering method for peptide identification by mass spectrometry

Motivation: We reformulate the problem of comparing mass-spectra by mapping spectra to a vector space model. Our search method leverages a metric space indexing algorithm to produce an initial candidate set, which can be followed by any fine ranking scheme. Results: We consider three distance measures integrated into a multi-vantage point index structure. Of these, a semi-metric...