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Action growth for AdS black holes

Recently a Complexity-Action (CA) duality conjecture has been proposed, which relates the quantum complexity of a holographic boundary state to the action of a Wheeler-DeWitt (WDW) patch in the anti-de Sitter (AdS) bulk. In this paper we further investigate the duality conjecture for stationary AdS black holes and derive some exact results for the growth rate of action within the...

Massive 2-form field and holographic ferromagnetic phase transition

In this paper we investigate in some detail the holographic ferromagnetic phase transition in an AdS4 black brane background by introducing a massive 2-form field coupled to the Maxwell field strength in the bulk. In two probe limits, one is to neglect the back reaction of the 2-form field to the background geometry and to the Maxwell field, and the other to neglect the back...

Towards complete phase diagrams of a holographic p-wave superconductor model

We study in detail the phase structure of a holographic p-wave superconductor model in a five dimensional Einstein-Maxwell-complex vector field theory with a negative cosmological constant. To construct complete phase diagrams of the model, we consider both the soliton and black hole backgrounds. In both two cases, there exist second order, first order and zeroth order phase...