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Using a Videogame Intervention to Reduce Anxiety and Externalizing Problems among Youths in Residential Care: an Initial Randomized Controlled Trial

Conflicts of Interest Angela A. T. Schuurmans, Karin S. Nijhof, Rutger C. M. E. Engels and Isabela Granic declare that they have no conflicts of interests. Experimental Participants All performed study

Video Gaming and Children’s Psychosocial Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Study

Rutger C. M. E. Engels is the president of the Trimbos Institute, and Professor at the Behavioural Science Institute. His research interests include developmental psychopathology, and in particular

The Prospective Associations between Self-Efficacy and Depressive Symptoms from Early to Middle Adolescence: A Cross-Lagged Model

Interest In January 2014 Prof. Rutger C. M. E. Engels has become CEO of the Trimbos-Institute. The data collection was conducted before 2014, but the data-analysis was conducted from 2014 on. The other ... , using a variety of methods (e.g., observational, diary, questionnaire). Rutger C. M. E. Engels is professor at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. He received his doctorate in psychology from

The Usefulness of Implicit Measures for the Screening, Assessment and Treatment of Problematic Alcohol Use in Individuals with Mild to Borderline Intellectual Disability

Although the neuropsychological underpinnings of problematic alcohol use have been studied extensively, this research has not yet been generalised to individuals with mild to borderline intellectual disability (MBID). In this paper, we present the main findings of a research project aimed at studying the deficiencies in information processing associated with problematic alcohol...

Effectiveness of a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-Based Indicated Prevention Program for Children with Elevated Anxiety Levels: a Randomized Controlled Trial

Childhood anxiety is a problem not only because of its negative consequences on the well-being of children but also because of its adverse effects on society and its role in mental disorders later in life. Adequate prevention might be the key in tackling this problem. The effectiveness of Coping Cat, as an indicated CBT-based prevention program in Dutch primary school children...

A Randomized Controlled Trial to Test the Effectiveness of an Immersive 3D Video Game for Anxiety Prevention among Adolescents

Adolescent anxiety is debilitating, the most frequently diagnosed adolescent mental health problem, and leads to substantial long-term problems. A randomized controlled trial (n = 138) was conducted to test the effectiveness of a biofeedback video game (Dojo) for adolescents with elevated levels of anxiety. Adolescents (11–15 years old) were randomly assigned to play Dojo or a...

Universal School-Based Depression Prevention ‘Op Volle Kracht’: a Longitudinal Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

prevention programs is not recommended. Conflict of Interest Rutger C. M. E. Engels and Rinka M. P. Van Zundert are authors of the OVK Program. In January 2014 Prof. Rutger C. M. E. Engels has become CEO of

The Co-Development of Parenting Stress and Childhood Internalizing and Externalizing Problems

H. W. Mares, Roy Otten, Rutger C. M. E. Engels, and Jan M. A. M. Janssens declare that they have no conflict of interest. Experiment Participants All procedures performed in studies involving human

Depressive Symptoms and the Experience of Pleasure in Daily Life: An Exploration of Associations in Early and Late Adolescence

Although loss of pleasure (i.e., anhedonia) is one of the two core symptoms of depression, very little research has examined the relation between depressive symptoms and the experience of pleasure in daily life. This exploratory study in two population-based adolescent samples aimed to examine how depressive symptoms and anhedonia specifically were related to (1) the proportion...

Involvement of the BDNF Gene in Loneliness in Adolescence: A Report of Opposite Gene Effects in Boys and Girls

Previous research has shown that loneliness has a heritable component and that genes within the serotonin-, dopamine-, and oxytocin systems are related to loneliness in adolescence. In the present study, the relation between the BDNF Val66Met polymorphism and loneliness in adolescent boys and girls was examined in a longitudinal study spanning five annual waves (N = 305). Latent...

Exposure to Movie Reckless Driving in Early Adolescence Predicts Reckless, but Not Inattentive Driving

Objective We examine the association between exposure to depictions of reckless driving in movies and unsafe driving, modeling inattentive and reckless driving as separate outcomes. Methods Data were obtained by telephone from 1,630 US adolescents aged 10 to 14 years at baseline who were drivers at a survey 6 years later. Exposure to movie reckless driving was measured based on...

Loneliness and Hypervigilance to Social Cues in Females: An Eye-Tracking Study

The goal of the present study was to examine whether lonely individuals differ from nonlonely individuals in their overt visual attention to social cues. Previous studies showed that loneliness was related to biased post-attentive processing of social cues (e.g., negative interpretation bias), but research on whether lonely and nonlonely individuals also show differences in an...

The effectiveness of a web-based Dutch parenting program to prevent overweight in children 9–13 years of age: study protocol for a two-armed cluster randomized controlled trial

Background Although parental support is an important component in overweight prevention programs for children, current programs pay remarkably little attention to the role of parenting. To close this gap, we developed a web-based parenting program for parents entitled “Making a healthy deal with your child”. This e-learning program can be incorporated into existing prevention...

Do Conflict Resolution and Recovery Predict the Survival of Adolescents' Romantic Relationships?

Numerous studies have shown that being able to resolve and recover from conflicts is of key importance for relationship satisfaction and stability in adults. Less is known about the importance of these relationship dynamics in adolescent romantic relationships. Therefore, this study investigated whether conflict resolution and recovery predict breakups in middle adolescent...

Environmental Smoking and Smoking Onset in Adolescence: The Role of Dopamine-Related Genes. Findings from Two Longitudinal Studies

Although environmental smoking (i.e., paternal and maternal smoking, sibling smoking, and peer smoking) is one of the most important factors for explaining adolescent smoking behavior, not all adolescents are similarly affected. The extent to which individuals are vulnerable to smoking in their environment might depend on genetic factors. The aim of this study was to examine the...

Alcohol Portrayals in Movies, Music Videos and Soap Operas and Alcohol Use of Young People: Current Status and Future Challenges

Renske Koordeman Doeschka J. Anschutz Rutger C. M. E. Engels Aims: To provide an overview of studies of the effects of alcohol portrayals in movies, music videos and soap operas on alcohol

The Interplay between Parental Monitoring and the Dopamine D4 Receptor Gene in Adolescent Cannabis Use

Background Both environmental risk and genetic variation is believed to play a role in substance use. A candidate environmental variable is parenting. Recent studies have found support for the idea that the dopamine system affects the susceptibility to environmental influences. In the present study we will examine the interplay between effects of parental monitoring and the...

The Oxytocin Receptor Gene (OXTR) in Relation to State Levels of Loneliness in Adolescence: Evidence for Micro-Level Gene-Environment Interactions

Previous research has shown that the rs53576 variant of the oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR) is associated with trait levels of loneliness, but results are inconsistent. The aim of the present study is to examine micro-level effects of the OXTR rs53576 variant on state levels of loneliness in early adolescents. In addition, gene-environment interactions are examined between this...

The Role of Explicit and Implicit Self-Esteem in Peer Modeling of Palatable Food Intake: A Study on Social Media Interaction among Youngsters

Objective This experimental study investigated the impact of peers on palatable food intake of youngsters within a social media setting. To determine whether this effect was moderated by self-esteem, the present study examined the roles of global explicit self-esteem (ESE), body esteem (BE) and implicit self-esteem (ISE). Methods Participants (N = 118; 38.1% boys; M age 11.14±.79...

Smoking onset and the time-varying effects of self-efficacy, environmental smoking, and smoking-specific parenting by using discrete-time survival analysis

Marieke Hiemstra 0 Roy Otten 0 Rutger C. M. E. Engels 0 0 M. Hiemstra (&) R. Otten R. C. M. E. Engels Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud University Nijmegen , P.O. Box 9104, 6500 HE Nijmegen