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Effects of infection by Turnip mosaic virus on the population growth of generalist and specialist aphid vectors on turnip plants

Contributions Conceptualization: Shuhei Adachi, Makoto Tokuda. Formal analysis: Shuhei Adachi. Investigation: Shuhei Adachi, Tomoki Honma, Ryosuke Yasaka. Resources: Kazusato Ohshima. Writing ± original

The Temporal Evolution and Global Spread of Cauliflower mosaic virus, a Plant Pararetrovirus

Cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) is a plant pararetrovirus with a double-stranded DNA genome. It is the type member of the genus Caulimovirus in the family Caulimoviridae. CaMV is transmitted by sap inoculation and in nature by aphids in a semi-persistent manner. To investigate the patterns and timescale of CaMV migration and evolution, we sequenced and analyzed the genomes of 67...