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Impact of slow K+ currents on spike generation can be described by an adaptive threshold model

A neuron that is stimulated by rectangular current injections initially responds with a high firing rate, followed by a decrease in the firing rate. This phenomenon is called spike-frequency adaptation and is usually mediated by slow K+ currents, such as the M-type K+ current (I M ) or the Ca2+-activated K+ current (I AHP ). It is not clear how the detailed biophysical mechanisms...

Perturbation Calculation for the 16 Lowest-Energy States in Spin Doughnut Mo75V20

A possible explanation for the low-temperature Curie law observed in the frustrated magnetic cluster Mo75V20 has been presented in [J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 76 (2007), 083709], where the proposed antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model contains one ten-spin ring with coupling constant J = 388 K and two five-spin rings with J″ = 81 K, which are coupled to each other by another coupling J...

Deletion of Gtl2, imprinted non-coding RNA, with its differentially methylated region induces lethal parent-origin-dependent defects in mice

The cluster of imprinted genes located in the Dlk1–Dio3 domain spanning 1 Mb plays an essential role in controlling pre- and postnatal growth and differentiation in mice and humans. The failure of parent-of-origin-dependent gene expression in this domain results in grave disorders, leading to death in some cases. However, little is known about the role of maternally expressed non...