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Methods for quantitative studies of seafloor hydrothermal systems using 3D visual reconstructions

3D visual mapping of the seafloor has found applications ranging from environment monitoring and survey of marine minerals to underwater archaeology and inspection of modern artificial structures. However, the attenuation of light is significantly more pronounced in water than in air or in space, and so in order to obtain underwater images in colour, it is typically necessary to...

Post-Drilling Changes in Seabed Landscape and Megabenthos in a Deep-Sea Hydrothermal System, the Iheya North Field, Okinawa Trough

There has been an increasing interest in seafloor exploitation such as mineral mining in deep-sea hydrothermal fields, but the environmental impact of anthropogenic disturbance to the seafloor is poorly known. In this study, the effect of such anthropogenic disturbance by scientific drilling operations (IODP Expedition 331) on seabed landscape and megafaunal habitation was...

Phytoplankton community response and succession in relation to typhoon passages in the coastal waters of Japan

Analyses of past typhoons, tropical cyclones and hurricanes have suggested that global warming may lead to increasing intensities of these episodic events and that the impacts of typhoons on oceanic biogeochemistry will also be augmented. In the present study, daily variations of the physical–chemical environment and phytoplankton community succession were investigated in Sagami...