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Augmented superfield approach to gauge-invariant massive 2-form theory

. C 74 , 3025 ( 2014 ) 35. A. Shukla , S. Krishna , R.P. Malik , Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 29 , 1450183 ( 2014 ) 36. S. Gupta , R. Kumar , Int. J. Theor. Phys . 55 , 927 ( 2016 ) 37. S. Gupta , R. Kumar ... , Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 31 , 1650173 ( 2016 ) 38. A. Shukla , S. Krishna , R.P. Malik , Adv. High Energy Phys . 2015 , 258536 ( 2015 ) 39. Y. Takahashi , R. Palmer , Phys. Rev. D 1 , 2974 ( 1970 ) 40. R.K

Evaluation of water quality and hydrogeochemistry of surface and groundwater, Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu, India

. Krishna Kumar 3 Centre for Geotechnology, ManonmaniamSundaranar University , Tirunelveli 627012 , India 4 Department of Civil Engineering, Veltech Hightech Dr. RR Dr. SR Engineering College , Avadi, 600062

Hydrogeochemistry and groundwater quality appraisal of part of south Chennai coastal aquifers, Tamil Nadu, India using WQI and fuzzy logic method

627 012, Tamil Nadu , India 1 R. Bharani Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Prathyusha Institute of Technology and Management , Chennai 602025, Tamil Nadu , India 2 S. Krishna Kumar

Hydro-geochemistry and application of water quality index (WQI) for groundwater quality assessment, Anna Nagar, part of Chennai City, Tamil Nadu, India

Sundaranar University , Tirunelveli 627 012, Tamil Nadu, India 1 A. Logeshkumaran Department of Civil Engineering, VKS College of Engineering and Technology , Desiyamagalam, Karur 639120, Tamil Nadu, India 2 S ... . Krishna kumar (&) Department of Geology, University of Madras , Guindy campus, Chennai 600025, Tamil Nadu, India In the present study, the geochemical characteristics of groundwater and drinking water

TOPSAN: a collaborative annotation environment for structural genomics

Background Many protein structures determined in high-throughput structural genomics centers, despite their significant novelty and importance, are available only as PDB depositions and are not accompanied by a peer-reviewed manuscript. Because of this they are not accessible by the standard tools of literature searches, remaining underutilized by the broad biological community...

Helicobacter Pylori Promotes the Expression of Krüppel-Like Factor 5, a Mediator of Carcinogenesis, In Vitro and In Vivo

Helicobacter pylori is the strongest known risk factor for the development of gastric adenocarcinoma. H. pylori expresses a repertoire of virulence factors that increase gastric cancer risk, including the cag pathogenicity island and the vacuolating cytotoxin (VacA). One host element that promotes carcinogenesis within the gastrointestinal tract is Krüppel-like factor 5 (KLF5), a...

Synthetic Swan band profile of (1,0) of $^{12}\text{C}^{12}\text{C}$ and (0,0) of $^{12}\text{C}^{12}\text{C}$ and $^{12}\text{C}^{13}\text{C}$ in comets

The statistical equilibrium calculations of the $^{12}\text{C}^{13}\text{C}$ molecule based on the resonance fluorescence process give similar results to those of the normal molecule. Therefore the assumption that the observed intensities of bands of the normal and the isotopic molecule differ only by their abundance ratio is reasonable. The synthetic profile of the (1,0) Swan...

Lactic Acidosis in Gabonese Children with Severe Malaria Is Unrelated to Dehydration

Background. Hyperlactatemia is an important and common complication of severe malaria. We investigated changes in fluid compartment volumes in patients with severe malaria and control patients with the use of bioimpedence analysis. Methods. We estimated extracellular water and total body water volumes in a total of 180 children: 56 with severe malaria, 94 with moderate malaria...

Helicobacter pylori Flagellin Evades Toll-Like Receptor 5-Mediated Innate Immunity

Helicobacter pylori colonizes the human stomach for decades unless pharmacologically eradicated. We hypothesized that this flagellated pathogen escapes immune clearance, in part, by avoiding detection by the flagellin receptor Toll-like receptor 5 (TLR5). In contrast to other gram-negative microbes, H. pylori did not release flagellin. Furthermore, recombinant H. pylori flagellin...

Comparison of methods for the rapid laboratory assessment of children with malaria.

Hospital , Lambare ne , Gabon. E. Ngou-Milama, De partement de Biochimie, Faculte de Me decine et des Sciences de la Sante , Libreville , Gabon 2 Authors' addresses: T. Planche and S. Krishna, Department

Nature of dust grains in comets

The observed reddening in the wavelength range 0.26–2.25 μm for comae of several comets can be represented quite well with model grains having real and imaginary parts of refractive index $(m=m^\prime-im^{\prime\prime})$ given by $m^\prime\simeq 1.38\enspace \text{and}\enspace m^{\prime\prime}\simeq0.039$, respectively. It is also possible to explain the observations of linear...

Sulphur compounds in cometary IUE spectra

Bands of S2 have been identified in several comets including Černis, Bowell, Churyumov–Gerasimenko, Encke, etc., covering a wide range in helio-centric distances. S2 seems to have been present in comet Halley even from 1985 early December when it was at 1.5 AU. We have also tentatively identified bands of the B–X systems of the molecule SO in IRAS–Araki–Alcock in the 2200–2400...

Unpredictable cyclosporin--fluconazole interaction in renal transplant recipients.

BACKGROUND: Cyclosporin (CsA) is metabolized primarily in the liver by cytochrome P-450 enzymes. Concomitant use of fluconazole can increase CsA concentrations by inhibiting this enzyme system and the effect seems to be dose dependent, with no interaction noted when fluconazole is used in a dose of 100 mg/day. Two previous investigations studying this interaction while using...

Molecules in celestial objects – III. Study of CO in interstellar diffuse clouds†

The absorption lines corresponding to the A–X transition of CO have been looked for in the IUE spectra of 14 stars with varying values of the colour excess, E(B–V) and found to be present in the spectra of nine stars with E(B– V) ⩾ 0.28. The column density of CO has been determined towards these nine stars and its upper limit towards the rest of the stars. The curve of growth...

Molecules in celestial objects – II. IUE observations of CO towards ψ Persei (B5 Ve)⋆

Absorption features corresponding to 1–0, 2–0, 3–0 and 4–0 bands of the A–X transition of CO have been identified in the spectra of a hot shell star, ψ Per (B5 Ve, E(B–V) = 0.09). Arguments are put forward to suggest its possible origin in the circumstellar shell.

Antimalarial Drugs Reduce Cytoadherence and Rosetting of Plasmodium falciparum

The in vivo and in vitro effects of antimalarials on cytoadherence and rosette formation were studied in 17 patients with severe and 46 with uncomplicated falciparum malaria. Cytoadherence was increased in severe malaria (P < .001). Artesunate and artemether were more potent than quinine in inhibiting both adherence properties. Artesunate was the most rapidly acting drug tested...