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Spectral boundary conditions and solitonic solutions in a classical Sellmeier dielectric

Electromagnetic field interactions in a dielectric medium represent a longstanding field of investigation, both at the classical level and at the quantum one. We propose a \(1+1\) dimensional toy-model which consists of an half-line filling dielectric medium, with the aim to set up a simplified situation where technicalities related to gauge invariance and, as a consequence...

One-dimensional super Calabi-Yau manifolds and their mirrors

We apply a definition of generalised super Calabi-Yau variety (SCY) to supermanifolds of complex dimension one. One of our results is that there are two SCY’s having reduced manifold equal to \( {\mathrm{\mathbb{P}}}^1 \), namely the projective super space \( {\mathrm{\mathbb{P}}}^{\left.1\right|2} \) and the weighted projective super space \( \mathbb{W}{\mathrm{\mathbb{P}}}_{(2...