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A sample of galaxy clusters to study the fundamental plane: Redshift measurements

We present the results of spectroscopic observations of galaxies in a sample of nearby clusters. We measured galaxy redshifts and estimated cluster velocity dispersions. These observations were carried out at the Observatoire de Haute Provence as part of a program aiming at a more detailed study of the Cluster Fundamental Plane.

The XXL Survey - VII. A supercluster of galaxies at z = 0.43

A&A Astronomy & Astrophysics E. Pompei 3 C. Adami 1 D. Eckert 0 F. Gastaldello 7 S. Lavoie 6 B. Poggianti 5 B. Altieri 4 S. Alis 11 N. Baran 8 C. Benoist 9 Y. L. Ja é 2 E. Koulouridis 12 S ... . Maurogordato 9 F. Pacaud 13 M. Pierre 10 T. Sadibekova 10 V. Smolcˇic´ 8 I. Valtchanov 4 0 Department of Astronomy, University of Geneva , ch. d'Ecogia 16, 1290 Versoix , Switzerland 1 Aix Marseille Université

Mapping the hot gas temperature in galaxy clusters using X-ray and Sunyaev-Zel’dovich imaging

. Coi ard 13 B. Comis 6 A. D'Addabbo 8 10 F.-X. Désert 3 S. Doyle 12 C. Ferrari 7 J. Goupy 10 C. Kramer 9 G. Lagache 4 S. Leclercq 13 J.-F. Macías-Pérez 6 S. Maurogordato 7 P. Mauskopf 1 12 F. Mayet 6 A

Merging history of three bimodal clusters

. , Proust , D. , Beers , T. C. , et al. 2000 , A &A, 355 , 848 Maurogordato , S. , Ferrari , C. , Benoist , C. , et al. 2006 , in Proc. XLIst Rencontres de Moriond, From dark halos to Light, ed. S ... . Maurogordato, J. Tran Thanh Van , & L. Tresse (The Gioi Publishers) Maurogordato , S. , Cappi , A. , Ferrari , C. , et al. 2008 , A &A, 481 , 593 McLachlan , G. J. , & Krishnan , T. 1997 , The EM Algorithm and

The XXL Survey - VI. The 1000 brightest X-ray point sources

M. Pierre E. Piconcelli C. Vignali S. Alis F. Ardila S. Arnouts I. Baldry M. Bremer D. Eckert L. Guennou C. Horellou A. Iovino E. Koulouridis J. Liske S. Maurogordato F. Menanteau J. J. Mohr M. Owers

Chandra observation of the multiple merger cluster Abell 521

We present the Chandra  analysis of the rich galaxy cluster Abell 521 (). The high resolution of the Chandra  observation has allowed us to refine the original merging scenario proposed for A521, and to reveal new features in its X-ray emission. A521 has strongly substructured ICM density and temperature maps. Its X-ray diffuse emission is elongated along a NW/SE direction (SX2...

A 2163: Merger events in the hottest Abell galaxy cluster - I. Dynamical analysis from optical data

Context. A 2163 is among the richest and most distant Abell clusters, presenting outstanding properties in different wavelength domains. X-ray observations have revealed a distorted gas morphology and strong features have been detected in the temperature map, suggesting that merging processes are important in this cluster. However, the merging scenario is not yet well-defined...

Mass profile and dynamical status of the z ~ 0.8 galaxy cluster LCDCS 0504

. LeBrun 12 S. Allam 19 20 S. Basa 12 C. Benoist 14 A. Cappi 7 14 C. Halliday 8 O. Ilbert 12 D. Johnston 20 E. Jullo 12 D. Just 5 6 J. M. Kubo 20 I. Márquez 3 P. Marshall 4 N. Martinet 18 S. Maurogordato 14

The fundamental plane of galaxy clusters

The velocity dispersion σ, radius R and luminosity L of elliptical galaxies are known to be related, leaving only two degrees of freedom and defining the so-called ‘fundamental plane’. In this Letter, we present observational evidence that rich galaxy clusters exhibit a similar behaviour. Assuming a relation L ∝ Rα σ 2β, the best-fitting values of α and β are very close to those...