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Retraction Note to: Multi-Length Scale Analysis of the Effect of Fused-Silica Pre-shocking on its Tendency for Devitrification

M. Grujicic , J.S. Snipes, and S. Ramaswami , Department of Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University , 241 Engineering Innovation Building, Clemson, SC 29634-0921. Contact

Integration of SRA, ANFIS and CAPM for stock portfolio management

. Ramaswami Department of Mathematics, Coimbatore Institute of Technology , Coimbatore 641 014, Tamil Nadu, India 2 M. Gunasekaran (&) Department of Computer Applications, Park College of Engineering and

Wind-Turbine Gear-Box Roller-Bearing Premature-Failure Caused by Grain-Boundary Hydrogen Embrittlement: A Multi-physics Computational Investigation

J.S. Snipes 0 S. Ramaswami 0 R. Yavari 0 0 M. Grujicic , V. Chenna, R. Galgalikar, J.S. Snipes, S. Ramaswami and R. Yavari , Department of Mechanical Engineering, 241 Engineering Innovation Building ... , bearing_failures.pdf, accessed on August 23 , 2013 10. M. Grujicic , R. Galgalikar , J.S. Snipes , S. Ramaswami , V. Chenna , and R. Yavari , Finite-Element Analysis of