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Hα survey of nearby dwarf galaxies

We present the Hα imaging data and flux measurements for 30 dwarf galaxies in the Local Volume. The Hα fluxes are used to derive the galaxy star-formation rate (SFR). The sample of observed galaxies is characterized by the following parameters: a median distance of 7.5 Mpc, median blue absolute magnitude of −14.8 mag and median SFR of −2.0 dex. Two dSph members of the Local Group...

The Hubble Space Telescope GOODS NICMOS Survey: overview and the evolution of massive galaxies at 1.5< z< 3

. Chapman 19 R.-R. Chary 18 H. C. Ferguson 13 M. Giavalisco 7 N. Grogin 13 G. Illingworth 11 S. Jogee 8 A. M. Koekemoer 13 Ray A. Lucas 13 B. Mobasher 5 L. Moustakas 6 C. Papovich 3 S. Ravindranath 4 B. Siana