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Non-optimality of the Greedy Algorithm for Subspace Orderings in the Method of Alternating Projections

The method of alternating projections involves projecting an element of a Hilbert space cyclically onto a collection of closed subspaces. It is known that the resulting sequence always converges in norm and that one can obtain estimates for the rate of convergence in terms of quantities describing the geometric relationship between the subspaces in question, namely their pairwise ...

Investigation of nanostructured Pd–Ag/n-ZnO thin film based Schottky junction for methane sensing

Undoped nanocrystalline n-type ZnO thin film was deposited by chemical deposition technique on a thermally oxidized p-Si (~5 Ω cm resistivity and orientation) substrate. Formation of stable zinc oxide thin film was confirmed by two-dimensional X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and EDX analysis. The average crystallite size of the ZnO sample was evaluated as ~50 nm. The surface was ...

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Hydrostatic Performance of Fibre Reinforced Tubes

The increasing demands in subsea industry such as oil and gas, led to a rapidly growing need for the use of advanced, high performance, lightweight materials such as composite materials. E-glass fibre laminated pre-preg, filament wound and braided tubes were tested to destruction under hydrostatic external pressure in order to study their buckling and crushing behaviour. Different ...

Dynamics and determinants of land change in India: integrating satellite data with village socioeconomics

We examine the dynamics and spatial determinants of land change in India by integrating decadal land cover maps (1985–1995–2005) from a wall-to-wall analysis of Landsat images with spatiotemporal socioeconomic database for ~630,000 villages in India. We reinforce our results through collective evidence from synthesis of 102 case studies that incorporate field knowledge of the ...

Removal of American mink (Neovison vison) from the Uists, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

, University of Queensland , Brisbane, QLD 4072 , Australia 1 Present Address: S. S. Roy International Union for the Conservation of Nature , 28 Rue Mauverney, 1196 Gland , Switzerland 2 S. S. Roy (&) A. L. M ... JDS , Linn IJ ( 1982 ) Studies of home range of the feral mink, Mustela vison . Symp Zoo Soc Lond 49 : 231 - 257 Bodey TW , Bearhop S , Roy SS , Newton J , McDonald RA ( 2010 ) Behavioural responses of

On statistical aspects of Qjets

The process by which jet algorithms construct jets and subjets is inherently ambiguous and equally well motivated algorithms often return very different answers. The Qjets procedure was introduced by the authors to account for this ambiguity by considering many reconstructions of a jet at once, allowing one to assign a weight to each interpretation of the jet. Employing these ...

Fractal study of seismicity in order to characterize the various tectonic blocks of North-east Himalaya, India

. N. S. Roy (&) S. Chowdhury P. Sarkar S. K. Mondal Department of Applied Geophysics, Indian School of Mines , Dhanbad 826 004, Jharkhand , India North-eastern Himalaya is said to be one of the world

Thermotaxis of Human Sperm Cells in Extraordinarily Shallow Temperature Gradients Over a Wide Range

On the basis of the finding that capacitated (ready to fertilize) rabbit and human spermatozoa swim towards warmer temperatures by directing their movement along a temperature gradient, sperm thermotaxis has been proposed to be one of the processes guiding these spermatozoa to the fertilization site. Although the molecular mechanism underlying sperm thermotaxis is gradually being ...

Testing Human Sperm Chemotaxis: How to Detect Biased Motion in Population Assays

Biased motion of motile cells in a concentration gradient of a chemoattractant is frequently studied on the population level. This approach has been particularly employed in human sperm chemotactic assays, where the fraction of responsive cells is low and detection of biased motion depends on subtle differences. In these assays, statistical measures such as population odds ratios ...

Surface-modified cobalt oxide nanoparticles: new opportunities for anti-cancer drug development

The development of smart nanoparticles that can exhibit the anti-cancer activity, introduces better efficacy and lower toxicity for treatment. The present study was aimed to evaluate the anti-cancer activity of surface functionalized CoO nanoparticles against Jurkat (T-cell lymphoma) and KB (oral carcinoma) cell lines. The nano-sized cobalt oxide nanoparticles (CoO) was prepared by ...

Landscape Mapping of Functional Proteins in Insulin Signal Transduction and Insulin Resistance: A Network-Based Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis

The type 2 diabetes has increased rapidly in recent years throughout the world. The insulin signal transduction mechanism gets disrupted sometimes and it's known as insulin-resistance. It is one of the primary causes associated with type-2 diabetes. The signaling mechanisms involved several proteins that include 7 major functional proteins such as INS, INSR, IRS1, IRS2, PIK3CA, ...

Effects of O2–CO2 polarization beating on femtosecond coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (fs-CARS) spectroscopy of O2

W.D. Kulatilaka 0 J.R. Gord 0 S. Roy 0 0 J.R. Gord Air Force Research Laboratory , Propulsion Directorate, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433, USA Femtosecond coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (fs

Transferring vertically aligned carbon nanotubes onto a polymeric substrate using a hot embossing technique for microfluidic applications

We explored the hot embossing method for transferring vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTs) into microfluidic channels, fabricated on poly-methyl-methacrylate (PMMA). Patterned and unpatterned CNTs were synthesized by microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition on silicon to work as a stamp. For hot embossing, 115°C and 1 kN force for 2 min were found to be the most ...

CYP2C8*3 increases risk of neuropathy in breast cancer patients treated with paclitaxel†

Background Paclitaxel-induced neuropathy is an adverse event that often leads to therapeutic disruption and patient discomfort. We attempted to replicate a previously reported association between increased neuropathy risk and CYP2C8*3 genotype.

Experience in daily practice with ipilimumab for the treatment of patients with metastatic melanoma: an early increase in lymphocyte and eosinophil counts is associated with improved survival

Background Ipilimumab is a recently approved immunotherapy that has demonstrated an improvement in the overall survival (OS) of patients with metastatic melanoma. We report a single-institution experience in patients treated in a compassionate-use program.