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An Analytical Approach for Prediction of Elastohydrodynamic Friction with Inlet Shear Heating and Starvation

An analytical friction model is presented, predicting the coefficient of friction in elastohydrodynamic (EHD) contacts. Three fully formulated SAE 75W-90 axle lubricants are examined. The effect of inlet shear heating (ISH) and starvation is accounted for in the developed friction model. The film thickness and the predicted friction are compared with experimental measurements ...

Targeted energy transfer and modal energy redistribution in automotive drivetrains

The new generations of compact high output power-to-weight ratio internal combustion engines generate broadband torsional oscillations, transmitted to lightly damped drivetrain systems. A novel approach to mitigate these untoward vibrations can be the use of nonlinear absorbers. These act as Nonlinear Energy Sinks (NESs). The NES is coupled to the primary (drivetrain) structure, ...

Transient Tribo-Dynamics of Thermo-Elastic Compliant High-Performance Piston Skirts

, UK 1 R. Mills R. S. Dwyer-Joyce School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield , Sheffield, UK 2 B. Littlefair M. De la Cruz S. Theodossiades H. Rahnejat (&) Wolfson School of Mechanical and