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Automated size selection for short cell-free DNA fragments enriches for circulating tumor DNA and improves error correction during next generation sequencing

) S2 File. Example slurm cluster scheduler bash script for executing the consensus alignment workflow. (SH) S3 File. Data for all figures. (XLSX) Conceptualization: Sabine Hellwig, Hunter R. Underhill ... . Data curation: Sabine Hellwig, David A. Nix, Keith M. Gligorich, Alun Thomas, Carrie L. Fuertes, Preetida J. Bhetariya, Hunter R. Underhill. Formal analysis: Sabine Hellwig, David A. Nix, Hunter R

Dual inhibition of Fes and Flt3 tyrosine kinases potently inhibits Flt3-ITD+ AML cell growth

, Sabine Hellwig, Li Tan, Nathanael S. Gray, Thomas E. Smithgall. Formal analysis: Mark C. Weir, Thomas E. Smithgall. Funding acquisition: Nathanael S. Gray, Thomas E. Smithgall. Investigation: Mark C ... . Weir, Sabine Hellwig, Li Tan, Yao Liu. Methodology: Mark C. Weir, Sabine Hellwig, Li Tan, Yao Liu. Project administration: Nathanael S. Gray, Thomas E. Smithgall. Resources: Yao Liu. Supervision

Do patients with schizophreniform and bipolar disorders show an intrathecal, polyspecific, antiviral immune response? A pilot study

We previously described inflammatory cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) alterations in a subgroup of patients with schizophreniform disorders and the synthesis of polyspecific intrathecal antibodies against different neurotropic infectious pathogens in some patients with bipolar disorders. Consequently, we have measured the prevalence of a positive MRZ reaction (MRZR)—a marker for a...

Forebrain microglia from wild-type but not adult 5xFAD mice prevent amyloid-β plaque formation in organotypic hippocampal slice cultures

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Reelin Together with ApoER2 Regulates Interneuron Migration in the Olfactory Bulb

One pathway regulating the migration of neurons during development of the mammalian cortex involves the extracellular matrix protein Reelin. Reelin and components of its signaling cascade, the lipoprotein receptors ApoER2 and Vldlr and the intracellular adapter protein Dab1 are pivotal for a correct layer formation during corticogenesis. The olfactory bulb (OB) as a...

Small DNA Pieces in C. elegans Are Intermediates of DNA Fragmentation during Apoptosis

While studying small noncoding RNA in C. elegans, we discovered that protocols used for isolation of RNA are contaminated with small DNA pieces. After electrophoresis on a denaturing gel, the DNA fragments appear as a ladder of bands, ∼10 nucleotides apart, mimicking the pattern of nuclease digestion of DNA wrapped around a nucleosome. Here we show that the small DNA pieces are...

Divergent roles of ApoER2 and Vldlr in the migration of cortical neurons

Iris Hack Sabine Hellwig Dirk Junghans Bianka Brunne Hans H. Bock Shanting Zhao Michael Frotscher Reelin, its lipoprotein receptors [very low density lipoprotein receptor (Vldlr) and apolipoprotein