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A Genome Wide Meta-Analysis Study for Identification of Common Variation Associated with Breast Cancer Prognosis

Objective Genome wide association studies (GWAs) of breast cancer mortality have identified few potential associations. The concordance between these studies is unclear. In this study, we used a meta-analysis of two prognostic GWAs and a replication cohort to identify the strongest associations and to evaluate the loci suggested in previous studies. We attempt to identify those...

Support Vector Machine Classifier for Estrogen Receptor Positive and Negative Early-Onset Breast Cancer

Two major breast cancer sub-types are defined by the expression of estrogen receptors on tumour cells. Cancers with large numbers of receptors are termed estrogen receptor positive and those with few are estrogen receptor negative. Using genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism genotype data for a sample of early-onset breast cancer patients we developed a Support Vector...

Serological Response to Influenza Vaccination among Children Vaccinated for Multiple Influenza Seasons

Background To evaluate if, among children aged 3 to 15 years, influenza vaccination for multiple seasons affects the proportion sero-protected. Methodology/Principal Findings Participants were 131 healthy children aged 3–15 years. Participants were vaccinated with trivalent inactivated seasonal influenza vaccine (TIV) over the 2005–06, 2006–07 and 2007–8 seasons. Number of...

Association Study of 25 Type 2 Diabetes Related Loci with Measures of Obesity in Indian Sib Pairs

Obesity is an established risk factor for type 2 diabetes (T2D) and they are metabolically related through the mechanism of insulin resistance. In order to explore how common genetic variants associated with T2D correlate with body mass index (BMI), we examined the influence of 25 T2D associated loci on obesity risk. We used 5056 individuals (2528 sib-pairs) recruited in Indian...

Evaluation of seven common lipid associated loci in a large Indian sib pair study

Sajjad Rafiq 0 1 Kranthi Kumar M Venkata Vipin Gupta DG Vinay Charles J Spurgeon Smitha Parameshwaran Sandeep N Madana Sanjay Kinra 0 Liza Bowen 0 Nicholas J Timpson George Davey Smith Frank

Assessment of variation in immunosuppressive pathway genes reveals TGFBR2 to be associated with prognosis of estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer after chemotherapy

Introduction Tumor lymphocyte infiltration is associated with clinical response to chemotherapy in estrogen receptor (ER) negative breast cancer. To identify variants in immunosuppressive pathway genes associated with prognosis after adjuvant chemotherapy for ER-negative patients, we studied stage I-III invasive breast cancer patients of European ancestry, including 9,334 ER...

Genome-wide association study identifies 25 known breast cancer susceptibility loci as risk factors for triple-negative breast cancer

Triple-negative (TN) breast cancer is an aggressive subtype of breast cancer associated with a unique set of epidemiologic and genetic risk factors. We conducted a two-stage genome-wide association study of TN breast cancer (stage 1: 1529 TN cases, 3399 controls; stage 2: 2148 cases, 1309 controls) to identify loci that influence TN breast cancer risk. Variants in the 19p13.1 and...

Prediction of Breast Cancer Risk Based on Profiling With Common Genetic Variants

Background: Data for multiple common susceptibility alleles for breast cancer may be combined to identify women at different levels of breast cancer risk. Such stratification could guide preventive and screening strategies. However, empirical evidence for genetic risk stratification is lacking.

A Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Protein Quantitative Trait Loci (pQTLs)

Sajjad Rafiq Javier Simon-Sanchez Hana Lango Sonja Scholz Michael N. Weedon Sampath Arepalli Neil Rice Nicole Washecka Alison Hurst Angela Britton William Henley Joyce van de Leemput Rongling Li Anne B