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The bacterial community associated with the sheep gastrointestinal nematode parasite Haemonchus contortus

, Peter Janssen, Ross Bland, Heather Simpson. Data curation: Gajenathirin Sinnathamby, Saleh Umair. Formal analysis: Gajenathirin Sinnathamby, Saleh Umair. Funding acquisition: Heather Simpson

Abomasal dysfunction and cellular and mucin changes during infection of sheep with larval or adult Teladorsagia circumcincta

, Heather V. Simpson. Funding acquisition: Heather V. Simpson. Investigation: Ian Scott, Saleh Umair, Heather V. Simpson. Methodology: Ian Scott, Heather V. Simpson. Project administration: Heather V ... . Simpson. Resources: Saleh Umair, Matthew S. Savoian, Heather V. Simpson. Software: Matthew S. Savoian. 19 / 24 Supervision: Heather V. Simpson. Visualization: Ian Scott, Saleh Umair, Matthew S. Savoian

Identification of Peptide Mimics of a Glycan Epitope on the Surface of Parasitic Nematode Larvae

Phage display was used to identify peptide mimics of an immunologically protective nematode glycan (CarLA) by screening a constrained C7C peptide library for ligands that bound to an anti-CarLA mAb (PAB1). Characterisation of these peptide mimotopes revealed functional similarities with an epitope that is defined by PAB1. Mimotope vaccinations of mice with three selected...