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Repair of primary and incisional hernias using composite mesh fixed with absorbable tackers: preliminary experience of a laparoscopic approach with a newly designed mesh in 29 cases

Outcome of primary and incisional hernia repair is still affected by clinical complications in terms of recurrences, pain and discomfort. Factors like surgical approach, prosthesis characteristics and method of fixation might influence the outcome. We evaluated in a prospective observational study a cohort population which underwent primary and incisional laparoscopic hernia...

The role of open abdomen in non-trauma patient: WSES Consensus Paper

Ignacio Martin-Loeches 13 Michael Sugrue 14 Salomone Di Saverio 15 Ewen Griffiths 16 Kjetil Soreide 17 18 John E. Mazuski 19 Addison K. May 23 Philippe Montravers 28 Rita Maria Melotti 26 Michele Pisano 0

Splenic trauma: WSES classification and guidelines for adult and pediatric patients

Dieter Weber Marco Ceresoli 0 Andrew B. Peitzman Liban Wehlie Massimo Sartelli Salomone Di Saverio Luca Ansaloni 0 0 General, Emergency and Trauma Surgery, Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital , P.zza OMS 1, 24128

Acute appendicitis: proposal of a new comprehensive grading system based on clinical, imaging and laparoscopic findings

Sartelli 2 Salomone Di Saverio 1 Luca Ansaloni 6 Fausto Catena 5 Federico Coccolini 6 Kenji Inaba 4 Demetrios Demetriades 3 4 Felipe Couto Gomes 8 Camila Couto Gomes 7 0 Surgery Department, Therezinha de

Benefits of WSES guidelines application for the management of intra-abdominal infections

Massimo Sartelli 1 Salomone Di Saverio 5 Rodolfo Catena 4 Antonio Tarasconi 3 Luca Ansaloni 2 0 Department of Emergency and Trauma Surgery, University Hospital of Parma , Via Gramsci 11, 43100 Parma , Italy

Liver trauma: WSES position paper

The liver is the most injured organ in abdominal trauma. Road traffic crashes and antisocial, violent behavior account for the majority of liver injuries. The present position paper represents the position of the World Society of Emergency Surgery (WSES) about the management of liver injuries.

Acute laparoscopic and open sigmoidectomy for perforated diverticulitis: a propensity score-matched cohort

Background Hartmann’s procedure for perforated diverticulitis can be characterised by high morbidity and mortality rates. While the scientific community focuses on laparoscopic lavage as an alternative for laparotomy, the option of laparoscopic sigmoidectomy seems overlooked. We compared morbidity and hospital stay following acute laparoscopic sigmoidectomy (LS) and open...

WSES position paper on vascular emergency surgery

Cimbanassi 0 Belinda De Simone 6 Korana Musicki 3 Guilherme Vieira Meirelles 1 Fausto Catena 6 Luca Ansaloni 5 Federico Coccolini 5 Massimo Sartelli 4 Salomone Di Saverio 7 Cino Bendinelli 2 Gustavo Pereira

IROA: the International Register of Open Abdomen.: An international effort to better understand the open abdomen: call for participants

Actually the most common indications for Open Abdomen (OA) are trauma, abdominal sepsis, severe acute pancreatitis and more in general all those situations in which an intra-abdominal hypertension condition is present, in order to prevent the development of an abdominal compartment syndrome. The mortality and morbidity rate in patients undergone to OA procedures is still high. At...

The HAC trial (harmonic for acute cholecystitis): a randomized, double-blind, controlled trial comparing the use of harmonic scalpel to monopolar diathermy for laparoscopic cholecystectomy in cases of acute cholecystitis

Background The HARMONIC SCALPEL (H) is an advanced ultrasonic cutting and coagulating surgical device with important clinical advantages, such as: reduced ligature demand; greater precision due to minimal lateral thermal tissue damage; minimal smoke production; absence of electric corrents running through the patient. However, there are no prospective RCTs demonstrating the...

WSES Jerusalem guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of acute appendicitis

for the Consensus Conference and the WSES Guidelines Development President: Salomone Di Saverio Scientific Secretariat members: Salomone Di Saverio, Arianna Birindelli, Dieter Weber, Michael Denis Kelly ... , Fausto Catena, Massimo Sartelli Organization Committee members: Salomone Di Saverio, Fausto Catena, Micheal D. Kelly, Dieter Weber, Federico Coccolini, Massimo Sartelli, Luca Ansaloni, Ernest E Moore

Caustic ingestion management: world society of emergency surgery preliminary survey of expert opinion

Sartelli Amit Katz 0 Luca Ansaloni Carlos Augusto Gomez Walter Biffl Fausto Catena Gustavo P. Fraga Salomone Di Saverio Augustin Goran Wagih Ghnnam Jeffry Kashuk Ari Leppäniemi Sanjay Marwah Ernest E. Moore ... gastric injuries . Ann Surg . 2011 ; 253 : 684 - 8 . 77. Salomone Di Saverio , Andrea Biscardi , Alice Piccinini , Matteo Mandrioli , Gregorio Tugnoli . Different possible surgical managements of caustic

Correction: emergency surgeon: “last of the mohicans” 2014–2016 editorial policy WSES-WJES: position papers, guidelines, courses, books and original research; from WJES impact factor to WSES congress impact factor

data made available in this article, unless otherwise stated. - Since the publication of our Commentary [1], we noticed that Dr. Salomone Di Saverio was incorrectly excluded from and the titles of the

Acute postoperative cardiac herniation

Acute herniation of the heart is an uncommon complication in patients undergoing pneumonectomy with associated pericardial resection. We report the case of a postoperative cardiac herniation after a right extrapleural pneumonectomy following neoadjuvant chemotherapy for malignant pleural mesothelioma. After surgery the patient was completely asymptomatic, but a postoperative...

Diagnosis and treatment of perforated or bleeding peptic ulcers: 2013 WSES position paper

; Operating Surgeon Dr. Salomone Di Saverio MD. Additional file 2: Video 2. Difficult localization of a small PPU: use of Methylene Blue via NGT for localization; Operating Surgeon Dr. Salomone Di Saverio MD ... . Additional file 3: Video 3. Technique of laparoscopic primary suture and repair of PPU larger than 1 cm; Operating Surgeon Dr. Salomone Di Saverio MD. Additional file 4: Video 4. Laparoscopic finding of a

WSES Guidelines for the management of acute left sided colonic diverticulitis in the emergency setting

Ansaloni Federico Coccolini Ewen A. Griffiths Fikri M. Abu-Zidan Salomone Di Saverio Jan Ulrych Yoram Kluger Ofir Ben-Ishay Frederick A. Moore Rao R. Ivatury Raul Coimbra Andrew B. Peitzman Ari Leppaniemi

The role of the open abdomen procedure in managing severe abdominal sepsis: WSES position paper

The open abdomen (OA) procedure is a significant surgical advance, as part of damage control techniques in severe abdominal trauma. Its application can be adapted to the advantage of patients with severe abdominal sepsis, however its precise role in these patients is still not clear. In severe abdominal sepsis the OA may allow early identification and draining of any residual...

Peritoneal adhesion index (PAI): proposal of a score for the “ignored iceberg” of medicine and surgery

Peritoneal adhesions describe a condition in which pathological bonds form between the omentum, the small and large bowels, the abdominal wall, and other intra-abdominal organs. Different classification systems have been proposed, but they do not resolve the underlying problem of ambiguity in the quantification and definition of adhesions. We therefore propose a standardized...

Small bowel emergency surgery: literature's review

Emergency surgery of the small bowel represents a challenge for the surgeon, in the third millennium as well. There is a wide number of pathologies which involve the small bowel. The present review, by analyzing the recent and past literature, resumes the more commons. The aim of the present review is to provide the main indications to face the principal pathologies an emergency...