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An Optimized Lock Solution Containing Micafungin, Ethanol and Doxycycline Inhibits Candida albicans and Mixed C. albicans – Staphyloccoccus aureus Biofilms

Biodesign UNITED STATES Livia Lown 0 Brian M. Peters Carla J. Walraven Mairi C. Noverr Samuel A. Lee 0 0 Section of Infectious Diseases, New Mexico Veterans Healthcare System, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United

An Automated High-Throughput Cell-Based Multiplexed Flow Cytometry Assay to Identify Novel Compounds to Target Candida albicans Virulence-Related Proteins

Although three major classes of systemic antifungal agents are clinically available, each is characterized by important limitations. Thus, there has been considerable ongoing effort to develop novel and repurposed agents for the therapy of invasive fungal infections. In an effort to address these needs, we developed a novel high-throughput, multiplexed screening method that...

Candida albicans SUR7 contributes to secretion, biofilm formation, and macrophage killing

Background Candida albicans SUR7 has been shown to be required for plasma membrane organization and cell wall synthesis, but its role in virulence is not known. Using a bioinformatics strategy, we previously identified several novel putative secretion pathway proteins potentially involved in virulence, including the C. albicans homolog of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae endocytosis...

Fatal Disseminated Cryptococcus gattii Infection in New Mexico

Meyer Samuel A. Lee Joy Sturtevant, Louisiana State University, United States of America We report a case of fatal disseminated infection with Cryptococcus gattii in a patient from New Mexico. The