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On timelike supersymmetric solutions of Abelian gauged 5-dimensional supergravity

HJE On timelike supersymmetric solutions of Abelian Samuele Chimento 0 Instituto de F´ısica Teo´rica UAM/CSIC 0 0 C/ Nicol ́as Cabrera , 13-15, C.U. Cantoblanco, E-28049 Madrid , Spain We consider

On timelike supersymmetric solutions of gauged minimal 5-dimensional supergravity

We analyze the timelike supersymmetric solutions of minimal gauged 5-dimensional supergravity for the case in which the Kähler base manifold admits a holomorphic isometry and depends on two real functions satisfying a simple second-order differential equation. Using this general form of the base space, the equations satisfied by the building blocks of the solutions become of, at ...

Supersymmetric black holes and attractors in gauged supergravity with hypermultiplets

We consider four-dimensional N = 2 supergravity coupled to vector- and hypermultiplets, where abelian isometries of the quaternionic Kähler hypermultiplet scalar manifold are gauged. Using the recipe given by Meessen and Ortín in arXiv:1204.0493, we analytically construct a supersymmetric black hole solution for the case of just one vector multiplet with prepotential \( ...