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Sandra is verpleegkundige en docent gezondheidszorg en welzijn. Ook blogt ze wekelijks op en twittert via @kleefsstra. - I gen.1 Dat lijkt mij ook wel wat. NG-meneer Ralph Hamers zou

Wie weet het beter?

De Duitse verpleegkundige Niels zit vast. Hij wordt inmiddels verdacht van 100 moorden.

Maagsonde in het echt

Sandra is verpleegkundige en docent gezondheidszorg en welzijn. Ook blogt ze wekelijks op en twittert via @kleefsstra. - Maagsonde in aagsondes inbrengen. Het is nogal wat. Een halve


Sandra is verpleegkundige en docent gezondheidszorg en welzijn. Ook blogt ze wekelijks op en twittert via @kleefsstra. - Toveren r was eens een wereld waarin de mensheid vergrijsde

Aandacht kost geld

Onderzoeksjournalisten berichtten in De Groene Amsterdammer dat kwaliteit van zorg zou verbeteren en zorgkosten zouden dalen als niet zorgverzekeraars zich bemoeien met de inzet van zorg en tijd, maar de wijkverpleegkundigen1.

Contrasting Views of the Post-bariatric Surgery Experience between Patients and their Practitioners: a Qualitative Study

Carter Building, 58 Turner Street, London E1 2AB , UK 2 Sandra Jumbe Background The superiority of obesity surgery for improving medical and weight outcomes in severely obese patients when compared to

The double burden of disease and the challenge of health access: Evidence from Access, Bottlenecks, Cost and Equity facility survey in Ghana

Conceptualization: Mawuli Komla Kushitor, Sandra Boatemaa. Formal analysis: Mawuli Komla Kushitor, Sandra Boatemaa. Methodology: Mawuli Komla Kushitor, Sandra Boatemaa. Validation: Mawuli Komla Kushitor, Sandra ... Boatemaa. Writing ± original draft: Mawuli Komla Kushitor, Sandra Boatemaa. Writing ± review & editing: Mawuli Komla Kushitor, Sandra Boatemaa. 9 / 11 10 / 11 1. Agyei-Mensah S , de-Graft Aikins A


Sandra is senior verpleegkundige op oncologie, reumatologie en daghospitaal in een Fries ziekenhuis. Ook blogt ze wekelijks op en twittert via @kleefsstra. - ao ziekenhuizen, de

A Historical and Theoretical Review of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies: From Structural Self-Knowledge to Functional Processes

This paper critically examines the historical conceptualization of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy approaches (CBT) as a direct clinical counterpart of the cognitive revolution. The main “second wave” cognitive psychotherapies, either standard cognitive therapy (CT) or constructivist, in spite of their differences, share a common conceptualization of psychopathological factors...

The Role of the Periaqueductal Gray Matter in Lower Urinary Tract Function

The periaqueductal gray matter (PAG), as one of the mostly preserved evolutionary components of the brain, is an axial structure modulating various important functions of the organism, including autonomic, behavioral, pain, and micturition control. It has a critical role in urinary bladder physiology, with respect to storage and voiding of urine. The PAG has a columnar...

Isolation and characterization of Corynebacterium spp. from bulk tank raw cow's milk of different dairy farms in Germany

, Sandra Rathmann. Resources: Andre Lipski. Supervision: Mareike Weber, Andre Lipski. Writing ± original draft: Julia Hahne. Writing ± review & editing: Andre Lipski. 13 / 16 Appl Microbiol. 2009; 106

Oxidative effect of l-carnitine on energy metabolism in diploid and triploid rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): impact on metabolites

l-Carnitine plays a key role in the regulation of energy metabolism and growth in fish. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of dietary l-carnitine levels on carnitine homeostasis and energy metabolism in diploid and triploid trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Diploid and triploid trout (29.5 ± 0.6 and 31.8 ± 0.5 g, respectively) were fed with three diets supplemented...

Forecasting short-term data center network traffic load with convolutional neural networks

/). Conceptualization: Alberto Mozo, Bruno Ordozgoiti, Sandra GoÂmez-Canaval. Formal analysis: Alberto Mozo, Bruno Ordozgoiti, Sandra GoÂmez-Canaval. Funding acquisition: Alberto Mozo. Investigation: Alberto Mozo ... , Bruno Ordozgoiti, Sandra GoÂmez-Canaval. Methodology: Alberto Mozo. Software: Alberto Mozo, Bruno Ordozgoiti, Sandra GoÂmez-Canaval. Validation: Alberto Mozo, Bruno Ordozgoiti, Sandra GoÂmez-Canaval

Effect of environmental factors on the germination and emergence of Salvia verbenaca L. cultivars (verbenaca and vernalis): An invasive species in semi-arid and arid rangeland regions

Florentine. Writing ± original draft: Muhammad Mansoor Javaid. Writing ± review & editing: Singarayer Florentine, Hafiz Haider Ali, Sandra Weller. 18 / 20 19 / 20 1. Biosecurity Queensland , Fact sheet

A Calculus

Lindow, S. "A Calculus," Journal of Humanistic Mathematics A Calculus Sandra Lindow Part of the Arts and Humanities Commons, and the Mathematics Commons Recommended Citation - UW-Stout Follow

Metagenome, metatranscriptome, and metaproteome approaches unraveled compositions and functional relationships of microbial communities residing in biogas plants

The production of biogas by anaerobic digestion (AD) of agricultural residues, organic wastes, animal excrements, municipal sludge, and energy crops has a firm place in sustainable energy production and bio-economy strategies. Focusing on the microbial community involved in biomass conversion offers the opportunity to control and engineer the biogas process with the objective to...

Current Status of Extended Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy in Early Stage Breast Cancer

received reimbursement for travel expenses from Roche. Sandra M.E. Geurts has received research funding through grants to her institution from Novartis BV, Roche, and Pfizer. Vivianne C.G. Tjan-Heijnen has

Empowerment and ownership in effective internationalisation of the higher education curriculum

Internationalising the curriculum (IOC) in order to produce graduates with global citizenship skills is a common strategic goal in modern higher education. The extent to which this is achieved and the level of understanding amongst staff and students of what IOC involves and the benefits it imparts are varied. In this study, activities and attitudes across 15 subject disciplines...

Effects of an Aβ-antibody fragment on Aβ aggregation and astrocytic uptake are modulated by apolipoprotein E and J mimetic peptides

. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Laia Montoliu-Gaya, Robert Veerhuis, Sandra Villegas. Data curation: Laia Montoliu-Gaya. Formal analysis: Laia Montoliu-Gaya, Sandra Villegas. Funding acquisition

Thinking of me: Self-focus reduces sharing and helping in seven- to eight-year-olds

: Sandra Weltzien, Bruce Hood. Formal analysis: Sandra Weltzien, Lauren E. Marsh. Investigation: Sandra Weltzien. Writing ± original draft: Sandra Weltzien. Writing ± review & editing: Lauren E. Marsh