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Comparison of Bone Mineral Density between Urban and Rural Areas: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Background Studies from high income countries (HIC) have generally shown higher osteoporotic fracture rates in urban areas than rural areas. Low bone mineral density (BMD) increases susceptibility to fractures. This review aimed to assess whether urbanicity is consistently associated with lower BMD globally. Method Ovid MEDLINE, EMBASE, and Global Health (-April 2013) were...

Maternal antecedents of adiposity and studying the transgenerational role of hyperglycemia and insulin (MAASTHI): a prospective cohort study: Protocol of birth cohort at Bangalore, India

prospective cohort study Giridhara R. Babu 0 GVS Murthy 1 3 R. Deepa 5 Yamuna 5 Prafulla 5 H. Kiran Kumar 5 Maithili Karthik 5 Keerti Deshpande 5 Sara E. Benjamin Neelon 4 D. Prabhakaran Anura Kurpad Sanjay ... Kinra 0 Wellcome Trust-DBT India alliance Intermediate Research Fellow in Public Health, Additional Professor, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), IIPH-H , Bangalore campus, SIHFW premises, Beside

Interaction between FTO gene variants and lifestyle factors on metabolic traits in an Asian Indian population

Background Lifestyle factors such as diet and physical activity have been shown to modify the association between fat mass and obesity–associated (FTO) gene variants and metabolic traits in several populations; however, there are no gene-lifestyle interaction studies, to date, among Asian Indians living in India. In this study, we examined whether dietary factors and physical...

Association of Hip Bone Mineral Density and Body Composition in a Rural Indian Population: The Andhra Pradesh Children and Parents Study (APCAPS)

Background Fat mass is variably associated with bone mass, possibly due to differential mechanical and biological effects of fat mass. We examined the association of fat mass with bone mass in a lean population. Objective To investigate association between hip bone mineral density and fat and lean mass in a cross-sectional study from southern India. Design The Andhra Pradesh...

Adiposity and carotid-intima media thickness in children and adolescents: a systematic review

Saxena 4 Russell M. Viner 3 Sanjay Kinra 0 0 Department of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine , Keppel Street, London WC1E 7HTUK 1 Faculty of Public Health

Development and evaluation of the Andhra Pradesh Children and Parent Study Physical Activity Questionnaire (APCAPS-PAQ): a cross-sectional study

Background There is limited availability of context-specific physical activity questionnaires in low and middle income countries. The aim of this study was to develop and examine the validity of a new Indian physical activity questionnaire, the Andhra Pradesh Children and Parent Study Physical Activity Questionnaire (APCAPS-PAQ). Methods The current study was conducted with the...

Urban-Rural Differences in Bone Mineral Density: A Cross Sectional Analysis Based on the Hyderabad Indian Migration Study

Background Fracture risk is rising in countries undergoing rapid rural to urban migration, but whether this reflects an adverse effect of urbanization on intrinsic bone strength, as reflected by bone mineral density (BMD), is currently unknown. Methods Lumbar spine (LS) and total hip (TH) BMD, and total body fat and lean mass, were obtained from DXA scans performed in the...

The Health System and Population Health Implications of Large-Scale Diabetes Screening in India: A Microsimulation Model of Alternative Approaches

Background Like a growing number of rapidly developing countries, India has begun to develop a system for large-scale community-based screening for diabetes. We sought to identify the implications of using alternative screening instruments to detect people with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes among diverse populations across India. Methods and Findings We developed and validated a...

Nutritional profile of Indian vegetarian diets – the Indian Migration Study (IMS)

: Chittaranjan Yajnik; Bristol: George Davey Smith, Yoav Ben Shlomo; London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine: Shah Ebrahim, Sanjay Kinra. 1. World Health Organization: Global Strategy on Diet, Physical

The Association between a Vegetarian Diet and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk Factors in India: The Indian Migration Study

available but are available upon request from the principal investigators, Dr. Sanjay Kinra MD, PhD (Pediatrics, Epidemiology), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom , and Dr ... ; Bangalore: Anura V. Kurpad, Mario Vaz, A.V. Bharathi, Murali Mohan; Pune: Chittaranjan Yajnik; Bristol: George Davey Smith, Yoav Ben Shlomo; London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine: Shah Ebrahim, Sanjay

Associations between diet, physical activity and body fat distribution: a cross sectional study in an Indian population

Ebrahim Sanjay Kinra KV Radha Krishna Bharati Kulkarni Yoav Ben-Shlomo Ulf Ekelund Jonathan CK Wells Hannah Kuper 0 St George's University , London , UK Background: Obesity is a growing health problem in

Adolescent undernutrition and early adulthood bone mass in an urbanizing rural community in India

Summary The long-term effects on bone health of nutritional status in adolescence are unclear. The impact of adolescent and current body mass on bone mass in young adulthood in rural India was assessed. Current lean mass was a more important determinant of bone mass than thinness during adolescence in this population. Purpose/introduction Adolescence is a crucial period for...

Is vulnerability to cardiometabolic disease in Indians mediated by abdominal adiposity or higher body adiposity

-Shlomo Ruby Gupta Bharati Kulkarni Dorairaj Prabhakaran George Davey Smith Jonathan Wells Shah Ebrahim Sanjay Kinra 0 Clinical Research Department, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine , Keppel

Overweight in Childhood, Adolescence and Adulthood and Cardiovascular Risk in Later Life: Pooled Analysis of Three British Birth Cohorts

Background Overweight and obesity in adulthood are established risk factors for adverse cardiovascular outcomes, but the contribution of overweight in childhood to later cardiovascular risk is less clear. Evidence for a direct effect of childhood overweight would highlight early life as an important target for cardiovascular disease prevention. The aim of this study was to assess...

Is the Association between Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Confounded by Obesity? Evidence from the Andhra Pradesh Children and Parents Study (APCAPS)

Background Evidence of an association between serum vitamin D and cardiovascular disease risk is inconsistent and comes predominantly from studies in high-income settings. We assessed the association between serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 (25(OH)D) and cardiovascular disease risk factors in a population of young Indian adults. Methods Cross-sectional analyses of data from...

The effect of rural-to-urban migration on renal function in an Indian population: cross-sectional data from the Hyderabad arm of the Indian Migration Study

. Sanjay Kinra (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine). 1. McKay L , Macintyre A , Ellaway A : Migration and health: a review of the international literature MRC social and public health sciences

Socio-economic patterning of cardiometabolic risk factors in rural and peri-urban India: Andhra Pradesh children and parents study (APCAPS)

Aim To assess the prevalence of cardiometabolic risk factors by socio-economic position (SEP) in rural and peri-urban Indian population. Subjects and methods Cross-sectional survey of 3,948 adults (1,154 households) from Telangana (2010–2012) was conducted to collect questionnaire-based data, physical measurements and fasting blood samples. We compared the prevalence of risk...

The benefits and harms of providing parents with weight feedback as part of the national child measurement programme: a prospective cohort study

Background Small-scale evaluations suggest that the provision of feedback to parents about their child’s weight status may improve recognition of overweight, but the effects on lifestyle behaviour are unclear and there are concerns that informing parents that their child is overweight may have harmful effects. The aims of this study were to describe the benefits and harms of...

Association between Milk and Milk Product Consumption and Anthropometric Measures in Adult Men and Women in India: A Cross-Sectional Study

Background The nutritional aetiology of obesity remains unclear, especially with regard to the role of dairy products in developing countries. Objective To examine whether milk/milk product consumption is associated with obesity and high waist circumference among adult Indians. Methods Information on plain milk, tea, curd and buttermilk/lassi consumption assessed using a Food...