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Approximation of nonlinear discrete-time system using FA-based neural network

In this paper, we focus on an important nature inspired optimization method known as Firefly Algorithm (FA). Weight initialization of neural network is a random matrix between certain interval; FA is used for weight initialization instead of random weights to Back-Propagation Neural Network (BPN). This work emphasis on approximation of nonlinear discrete-time system using FA...

Transient simulation of a solar absorption cooling system

With non-renewable energy sources depleting quickly, solar energy could prove a viable option owing to its abundance and eco-friendliness. Modeling and simulation of a solar energy-driven single-stage absorption chiller was carried out using the transient simulation software ‘TRNSYS’. An evacuated tube collector coupled with an insulated tank served as heat source for the...

Fuzzy Counter Propagation Neural Network Control for a Class of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

Fuzzy Counter Propagation Neural Network (FCPN) controller design is developed, for a class of nonlinear dynamical systems. In this process, the weight connecting between the instar and outstar, that is, input-hidden and hidden-output layer, respectively, is adjusted by using Fuzzy Competitive Learning (FCL). FCL paradigm adopts the principle of learning, which is used to...

Bandwidth Allocation Based on Traffic Load and Interference in IEEE 802.16 Mesh Networks

; Accepted 13 March 2013 Academic Editor: Daniele Tarchi Copyright © 2013 Sanjeev Jain et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits

Genetic Variations of PIP4K2A Confer Vulnerability to Poor Antipsychotic Response in Severely Ill Schizophrenia Patients

Literature suggests that disease severity and neurotransmitter signaling pathway genes can accurately identify antipsychotic response in schizophrenia patients. However, putative role of signaling molecules has not been tested in schizophrenia patients based on severity of illness, despite its biological plausibility. In the present study we investigated the possible association...

Glutamate transporter genes are associated with schizophrenia in South Indian population

Jajodia et al. Molecular Cytogenetics Glutamate Transporter Genes Are Associated With Schizophrenia in South Indian Population Ajay Jajodia 1 Harpreet Kaur 1 Ruchi Baghel 1 Gurpreet Kaur 1 Sanjeev ... Jain 0 Ritushree Kukreti 1 0 NIMHANS , Honsur Road, Bengaluru , India 1 CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology , Mall Road Delhi , India - From International Conference on Human Genetics

Dementia and Diabetes Mellitus: Association with Apolipoprotein E4 Polymorphism from a Hospital in Southern India

, Shilpa Sadanand, Bhavani Shankara Bagepally, Srinivas Brahmadevarahalli Krishnappa, Meera Purushottam, Palanimuthu Thangaraju Sivakumar, Sanjeev Jain, Mathew Varghese, and Srikala Bharath Department of

Crystal and molecular structure of the alternating dodecamer d(GCGTACGTACGC) in the A-DNA form: comparison with the isomorphous non-alternating dodecamer d(CCGTACGTACGG)

The crystal structure of the alternating dodecamer d(GCGTACGTACGC) (5′-GC) has been determined to a resolution of 2.55Å using oscillation film data. The crystals belong to space group P61 22, a=b=46.2Å, c=71.5Å with one strand in the asymmetric unit, and are isomorphous with a previously described non-alternating dodecamer, d(CCGTACGTACGG) (5′-CC). Refinement by X-PLOR/NUCLSQ...

cDNA Cloning of a Human Homologue of the Caenorhabditis Elegans Cell Fate-Determining Gene Mab-21: Expression, Chromosomal Localization and Analysis of a Highly Polymorphic (CAG)n Trinucleotide Repeat

The two most consistent features of the diseases caused by trinucleotide repeat expansion—neuropsychiatric symptoms and the phenomenon of genetic anticipation—may be present in forms of dementia, hereditary ataxia, Parkinsonism, bipolar affective disorder, schizophrenia and autism. To identify candidate genes for these disorders, we have screened human brain cDNA libraries for...