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Spectral characterizations of propeller graphs

SPECTRAL CHARACTERIZATIONS OF PROPELLER GRAPHS∗ XIAOGANG LIU† AND SANMING ZHOU† AMS subject classifications. 05C50. 1. Introduction. All graphs considered in the paper are undirected and simple. Let G

Almost covers of 2-arc transitive graphs

automorphisms of Σ 0 )G is a self-paired G- 0 0 C OM B IN A TORIC A Bolyai Society - Springer-Verlag - SANMING ZHOU: ALMOST COVERS OF 2-ARC TRANSITIVE GRAPHS orbit on A3(Σ). It can be verified that the 3-arc ... graph Γ := ArcΔ(Σ) is an almost cover of Σ, and that Σ is a near 5-gonal graph with respect to the G-orbit E := (12, 34, 51, 24, 35, 12)G on 5-cycles of Σ. Sanming Zhou Department of Mathematics and