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Comparability of activity monitors used in Asian and Western-country studies for assessing free-living sedentary behaviour

participants in the study. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Koichiro Oka. Formal analysis: Satoshi Kurita. Funding acquisition: Neville Owen, Koichiro Oka. Investigation: Satoshi Kurita, Shohei Yano ... ± original draft: Satoshi Kurita. Writing ± review & editing: Kaori Ishii, Ai Shibata, Hiroyuki Sasai, Yoshio Nakata, Noritoshi Fukushima, Shigeru Inoue, Shigeho Tanaka, Takemi Sugiyama, Neville Owen

Installation of a stationary high desk in the workplace: effect of a 6-week intervention on physical activity

Background Extended sitting time at work is viewed as a crucial public health issue. Encouraging workers to stand during their office hours via the installation of standing desks maybe one effective option to combat this. Here, we investigate whether the installation of high desks in the workplace can induce positive changes in the amount of physical activity (PA) and thereby...

Hedgehog Inhibition Promotes a Switch from Type II to Type I Cell Death Receptor Signaling in Cancer Cells

TRAIL is a promising therapeutic agent for human malignancies. TRAIL often requires mitochondrial dysfunction, referred to as the Type II death receptor pathway, to promote cytotoxicity. However, numerous malignant cells are TRAIL resistant due to inhibition of this mitochondrial pathway. Using cholangiocarcinoma cells as a model of TRAIL resistance, we found that Hedgehog...

Blind Source Separation Combining Independent Component Analysis and Beamforming

2001. He is a member of the IEEE, the IEICE, and the Acoustical Society of Japan. Satoshi Kurita received the B.E. and M.E. degrees in electrical engineering from Nagoya University in 1998 and 2000