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Signature pathway expression of xylose utilization in the genetically engineered industrial yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

. Formal analysis: Z. Lewis Liu. Investigation: Quanzhou Feng, Scott A. Weber. Methodology: Z. Lewis Liu. Resources: Z. Lewis Liu, Shizhong Li. Supervision: Shizhong Li. Validation: Z. Lewis Liu

Two New Native β-Glucosidases from Clavispora NRRL Y-50464 Confer Its Dual Function as Cellobiose Fermenting Ethanologenic Yeast

Yeast strain Clavispora NRRL Y-50464 is able to produce cellulosic ethanol from lignocellulosic materials without addition of external β-glucosidase by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation. A β-glucosidase BGL1 protein from this strain was recently reported supporting its cellobiose utilization capability. Here, we report two additional new β-glucosidase genes encoding...