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Aggregate Culture of Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Hepatocytes in Suspension Are an Improved In Vitro Model for Drug Metabolism and Toxicity Testing

Early phase drug development relies on primary human hepatocytes for studies of drug metabolism, cytotoxicity, and drug-drug interactions. However, primary human hepatocytes rapidly lose metabolic functions ex vivo and are refractory to expansion in culture and thus are limited in quantity. Hepatocytes derived from human pluripotent stem cells (either embryonic stem (ES) or...

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diagnosis and treatment are offered to as many individuals as possible. Acknowledgment Potential conflicts of interest. conflicts. All authors: no Amy Boutwell, Scott Allen, and Josiah D. Rich Brown

Correlation of pharmacodynamic activity, pharmacokinetics, and anti-product antibody responses to anti-IL-21R antibody therapeutics following IV administration to cynomolgus monkeys

Yulia Vugmeyster Scott Allen Pamela Szklut Andrea Bree Mark Ryan Margery Ma Vikki Spaulding Deborah Young Heath Guay Laird Bloom Michael W Leach Margot O'Toole Karissa Adkins Background: Anti-IL-21R