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Synaptic convergence regulates synchronization-dependent spike transfer in feedforward neural networks

Correlated neural activities such as synchronizations can significantly alter the characteristics of spike transfer between neural layers. However, it is not clear how this synchronization-dependent spike transfer can be affected by the structure of convergent feedforward wiring. To address this question, we implemented computer simulations of model neural networks: a source and...

Auditory noise influences human visual perception of ambiguous information: multi-modal integration during bistable perception

Choi 0 Se-Bum Paik 0 0 Department of Bio and Brain Engineering , KAIST, Daejeon 305-338 , Republic of Korea - From 24th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting: CNS*2015 Prague, Czech Republic. 18

Synaptic Plasticity Controls Sensory Responses through Frequency-Dependent Gamma Oscillation Resonance

Synchronized gamma frequency oscillations in neural networks are thought to be important to sensory information processing, and their effects have been intensively studied. Here we describe a mechanism by which the nervous system can readily control gamma oscillation effects, depending selectively on visual stimuli. Using a model neural network simulation, we found that sensory...

Spontaneous Local Gamma Oscillation Selectively Enhances Neural Network Responsiveness

Synchronized oscillation is very commonly observed in many neuronal systems and might play an important role in the response properties of the system. We have studied how the spontaneous oscillatory activity affects the responsiveness of a neuronal network, using a neural network model of the visual cortex built from Hodgkin-Huxley type excitatory (E-) and inhibitory (I-) neurons...